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My (& RugRats) update

Apr 25, 2008 - 0 comments

For those that dont know my situation, My family and I were real sick, and we ended up having black toxic (and 5 other) molds..

After My daughter was put in the hospital "life threatening" and my son needed 48 YES forty eight puffs of pro air (albuterol) and having to take pill:  prednisone. My landlord (OWNER) thretened me to drop it or he would get any "paper work needed" and evict me... THAT WAS GARY CALVERT "ACTING" Director of washington county HOUSING AUTHORITY!!! (I only contacted him after advised by child welfare worker MATTHEW PARNELL........

Long story short... he tried to follow thru and gave me eviction but when i went to FED court on it... I had a lawyer, the mold report, and there dr. report, and the child welfare report, all stating about the mold and how and why we could not live there...

So he dropped FED and every agreement made was by them, but for my RugRats I had to walk away from a home... since they would not relocate us like they should legally...

We had to throw all our furniture and most of our belongings due to mold damage...

we have been homeless (AND BLACKBALLED) since march 5th,..

I have been trying to advocate for other Bonita Villa residents (many others are gettin sick but afraid to speak up out of fear of being homeless... and another family has gone homeless due to this also

Fox 12 news interviewed me you can see it here:

Check it out:

I KNow no make up shut up lol

Say prayers, looks like Suing is goin to be the only way to be listened too (Noone looks or investigates this like they should, they listen to gary and thats that... Even saying I never mentioned mold even though child welfare was advocating to them for us...) Matt Parnell of child welfare said only people to call and verify what I say (he was witness too most) is the media

love you all...

any advice and input on what to do, advice, lawyers, rentals etc... hit me up please... this is not fair to my family...

I just didnt want to loose my kids and/0r for them to get sicker

BUT THEY DESERVE a healthy place,

thanks for your time

xoxo Shady xoxo

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