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Watch what you pray for

Jun 06, 2009 - 8 comments













Broken Bones


response please



Wow this is so embrassing but I want to know if I am the only one who has done it.  As many people know I have had alot of medica issues lately.  I also most recently have been falling alot with alot of bruises, broken shower door and broken frig door.  I have been so lucky and so grateful that I have not been hurt seriously.  Early this week I fell in my kitchen with a gallon sun tea jar.  My right foot bent backwards and I fell directly onto it feeling immediate pain. ( I threw the jar as I did not want broken glass all over me. Thank God I mananged only to make a sugary mess of tea all over the kitchen floor.) I put ice on my foot, took some motrin.  It only bruised slightly but swelled significantly. Mentioned to hubby I thought I should get it checked.  His response was, " You can walk on it so it can't be broken."  (Keep in mind my hubby has been thru all kind of medical appts, hospitalizations, phone cals etc this last month)I did not push the issue.  By Friday it was still hurting, swollen and discolored.  My sister thought I should get it x-rayed.  Well... as I sat waiting for the doc I just prayed that there was nothing seriously wrong with it but that something would show up so my hubby would not think I was overreacting.  I shared with my sister and she laughed as she also had been praying the same thing.  She did not want to appear as a overprotective sister but didn't want anything seriousy wrong either.  We... I have 3 small breaks in my foot.  My baby toe is a complete break, the base of my 4th toe has sm fx and bone from toe to top of foot has sm fx.  Initially was going to cast it but decided with alll the issues I have with my r leg he would just put a foot stabilizer on it.  Hurt yeh, embarrassing yeh, husband sorry yeh.  Please tell me that I am not the only one that has prayed such ridiculuas stuff.  I not really into pain.  Gotta go fold clothes so.. will look forward to hearing some answers, hopefully no bashing of me..I am fragil

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495284 tn?1333897642
by dominosarah, Jun 06, 2009
Well considering i got my foot run over by a scooter and a very large man sitting in it i feel your pain!!!  I had a few broken bones in my foot also.......Hope you heal fast.......sara

547913 tn?1317359267
by jimi1822, Jun 06, 2009
Foot pain is not fun. I'm a big fan of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) Try bathing it twice a day in a warm bath it should help with the pain, discomfort and healing =0)

                                                                                                   much Love, much Compassion, much light....

                                                                                                                            <3 jimi <3


203342 tn?1328740807
by April2, Jun 06, 2009
Poor thing, you really have had a rough time lately! Yeah, I hear you about being careful what you pray for, lol. That's why they say you shouldn't pray for patience because God will give it to you but not in the way you want! You will learn patience! I know I've prayed that one before. Then God gave me a headstrong child, lol. I guess we just have to trust that He's in control and He knows what He's doing.
Put your feet up and get some rest, real rest! And let that hubby take care of you. I hope you get better soon! Take care!

458072 tn?1291418786
by peggy64, Jun 06, 2009
It was already broke before you prayed, so that didn't do it.......

Foot pain is the worst pain there is.........I know...

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by teko, Jun 07, 2009
I know what ya mean, I can certainly relate. lol  I remember when I prayed for patience, as I am a perfectionist and have/had none.  The following 5 years were the worst in my history. Do I have more patience? yes
But as they say, nothing worth having is free! lol  You, my dear are not alone!

872994 tn?1247868806
by BARBIE123841, Jun 07, 2009
embarassing  i know what you mean ! forreal becarfull what you ask for, i told my mom i wanted a new mri cause i felt that it was gettin worse so, anyways going to pick up 2 friends with my brothers girlfriend, she was driving, i was in the passenger seat sitting indian stlye facing the driver talking to my friend in the back,  all i see is this car and it wasnt stopping, i said oh s@#t next thing you now im on a strecher and now 2 months later 2 more mris and a lawyer, and a hell alot of pain! my mom said becarefull what you ask for!

943930 tn?1246841906
by Joy697, Jun 26, 2009
I like what Peggy64 said, and she is absolutely right!  No, don't you dare feel guilty.  Our God understands us even though some people don't.  I have prayed that I would just pass out or something so I would have to be taken to the hospital so my family would "get it" that I'm really sick.  They are beginning to believe me more now, but I had to become a chronic complainer before I got their attention.  I had to retire two years ago because of my health problems.  Now when I see people that I used to work with many of them say "Oh, you look so good!  Retirement must be wonderful for you."  Makes me want to scream at them because they don't understand how much of my time is spent in the bed or on the sofa hurting and with no energy.  But I don't scream at them - ha!  I simply say that I like being retired when I feel well enough to enjoy it.
* I send kind thoughts and prayers to you, and hope that your foot heals quickly and that the rest of your body also gets better.

943930 tn?1246841906
by Joy697, Jun 26, 2009
To Barbie123841

Believe me when I say that the accident did NOT happen because you wanted another MRI.  It happened because someone was speeding and/or not paying attention to their driving.  If wishing or praying made things come true, all of us would be totally well and happy.  There would be no need for this blog.
Peace, and healing to you.

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