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devine feminine

Jun 07, 2009 - 3 comments

because the goddess was changeable and playful, because she looked upon natural chaos as lovingly as she did natural order, because her warm feminine intuition was often at odds with cool masculine reason, because of the uterine magic that since the dawn of consciousness overshadowed penis power, nomadic tribes led a coup against her some 4 thousand years ago. most of what we know as western civilization is the result. life still begins in the womb, cocky erections still collapse and lie useless when woman's superior sexuality is finished with them, but men control the divine channels now, and while that control may largely be an illusion, their laws, institutions and elaborate weaponry exist primarily to maintain it.
   it was a sad day when the patriarchs won the pennant. a sad day too when the book burnings began.
now only in remote or secret societies are the women, finally earning their crone status revered and respected. so much knowledge that should have been passed down through generations has been lost...or has it? i believe it exists in the deepest recesses of our memories, our minds. collective cave memories perhaps? after all it woud seem at our present rate of destruction, it may well be to the cave that we return. does everything not come full circle?
  if knowledge is indeed power, why then were so many free thinkers murdered by the mobs, and the books burned? what could have been so dangerous..........was it dangerous or just counterproductive to the new male agenda? but, again i say everything comes full circle. how many were killed in the name of the christ? how many were exterminated under hitler's orders? check the numbers people.
  do not be offended by things i write in my journal, only think. think long and hard.
   the billboard in miami made me remember this once more. oh, this world we love. what will become of it,and us?

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by boogieman, Jun 07, 2009
very good points, even though most don't like to admit the truth of reality, it doesn't change the facts. i think if folks could put aside dogma and honestly seek it/him/her on a personal level, what a wonderful world this would be.

654560 tn?1331854581
by freebird227, Jun 09, 2009
LOVED IT! ! ! ;-D      Recommended reading..: .Women who run with wolves and  madian mother crone.One book I pick up every   The mist of avalon. (sp) to lazy to go grab books.
I totally hear you Jerry.......So Mote It Be....................Debra

736475 tn?1281259327
by sway1, Jun 10, 2009
marion zimmer bradley rules!

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