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Leg pain, numbness, knee swelling, sensitive to touch

Jun 07, 2009 - 0 comments

I've had 4 back surgeries. The first laminectomy +fusion (bone from bone bank was used) - 5 mths later that bone broke so another laminectomy +fusion with hardware - about 5 mths later I could feel the screws against my skin, xrays were taken, and doctor felt hardware could be taken out and it was. I still had back and leg pain and was able to get around with the use of a cane.
NOW: June 2009 an MRI was done and x-rays and a fracture showed so the doctor (a different one from the above) went in to fix the fracture and found that the fusion never took and there were several problems that needed to be fixed. This ended up with leg numbness, pain, weakness, swelling, etc. He suggested that a paddle (implant neurostimulator would help. That was done in Dec of 08 and I'm still in a lot of pain, numbness, etc.
I believe there is nerve damage but there doesn't seem to be an answer for fixing.

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