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Jun 08, 2009 - 0 comments

It is pagan,it is devil
evil to man,man's own evil.
Bloodthirsty,it lusts on human flesh,
entangles lives,deadlier than spider's mesh.

It feeds on despair,melancholy its breeding ground,
it's an anathema,makes the world go round.
Spares no one,spares nothing,
its fangs deep,venom of annihilation in its every sting.

You thought i was talking of the economic recession?
Recession of love and recession in ties,
recession in my peace,embedded deep it lies.

I am unable to love,unable to connect,
living in my own solitary world,no sweet thoughts to interject!
There's a money crunch, piercing many like darts,
there's a crunch too in my life,of the broken shards of my heart.

Influx of money can ease the economic recession,
tell me,oh,what do i do of my satanic obsessions?
I have closed all doors,i build walls,
the wounded condition of my heart pains me,it appalls.

I desire salvation, i ask for emancipation
I have had enough of this damnation.
I know i will survive,i shall wait
I know i can restart, it's never too late!

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