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Nov 25, 2013 - 3 comments










Well here I am 5`6inches 230lbs a size 16/17...21 years old with occasional liver problems (fatty liver) and fluctuating blood pressure. I was the curvy girl growing up never the fat one. I was plump but healthy on sports teams in school weight trainimg in highschool I was healthy. And come the end of highschool I lost it. While all my friends went off to college I was home taking care of my mom who had breast cancer at the time and working so that my sisters that were still in school had everything they needed. I dont regret anything at all the only thing that bums me out is the way i let myself go. I stopped going out for walks, stopped having a social life so i let myself go, worked so many hours to pay the bills that when i did have time to eat it was fast food or junk food. Even at work the 30min break I got gave me only enough time to run to the vending machine or corner store and get soda chips and cakes every day 2 or 3 times a day. And I wasnt sitting there not realizing what i was doing to myself I just didnt care there we bigger things than me (no pun intended) and I didnt have time to worry about what my health was like when I was worried about my mom and my younger sisters. Now that Im 21 getting ready to move out next year starting to have a social life again im realizing how serious it was. Now is that I want to feel good about my health. About going to the beach and flaunting what my momma gave me. Im never going to be skinny its not the way my body is built but skinny isnt necessarily always healthy and my goal is only that - being healthy...Cheers

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675718 tn?1530033033
by drifter0213, Nov 27, 2013
good luck Nita I wish you all the best ok :)

6579347 tn?1388502368
by mele48, Nov 27, 2013
Cheers!  Great post - best wishes to you!

6852649 tn?1385414981
by Anita1892, Nov 27, 2013
Thank you so much guys!

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