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Just got out of Hospital

Nov 26, 2013 - 0 comments



absescense miss you



Well, Hi MedHelp! I am back from the dead, again. Remember when I thought I had the flu? Seems it was my blood-sodium level. It had gone down to a toxic level and I felt like hell because I could have ended up paralyzed if I had not gone to the hospital when I had. I laid in my bed suffering for three days thinking I just had a bad virus or the flu. I went to see my doctor and he gave me a lab slip and sent me there. Well I was so weak I could bearly drive myself to the doctor so I did not go to the lab. I told myself I will go in a couple of days when I don't feel SO BAD! WRONG thing to do. Anyway I went back home to suffer through the flu and then I started to throw up and I mean I couldn't even keep down water. When I get that sick I go to the hospital. That's where I found out and they admitted me. It only took a couple IV's to feel a little better but it would take days of intravenous sodium-chloride to get me healthly again. Ya know what caused it? One of my meds! A water pi;;/high blood pressure combo called Edarbacloride. Seems it had depleted all my sodium! Bad med! I guess 99 % of the populis can tolerate this med but I could not. Who knew!? So I am back and well and not going to take that one any more.

More good news, I am moving today!! So the minute I got home from the three days in the hospital I had to start packing. I got the majority of it done last night then I ran out of boxes. I love the new place, a backyard for Rusty, a washer and dryer, new for me, well us. If my son's new girlfriend moves in, then I will be leaving the state! I SWEAR  I am telling the truth and nothing but the truth! I don't think Michael wants her there, he better not. In a way, in fact many ways I do love her, but not to live with, ya know what I mean? We already did that once and it ended in her burning his back with her curling iron and them rolling around on the floor fighting. MICHAEL made her pack her stuff and move out. She has been gone for months and then one day she resurfaced into our lives again. I told Michael I did not think it was a wise move but he is a grown man of 42 so whatever she doles out this time, he can't say he didn't ask for it. I pray this does not happen again. Wel oh one more thing! When I close the lid on this computer today I won't be bacl online for two weeks, yes that is how long its taking for the computer guy to show up at the new house! I think that is ridiculous! The worse part is that Michael's business depends on using his so, two weeks without it is our bread and butter too. Only the ads like craigslist and I told Mike he could go to Starbucks or even the library to check on things. So if you guys don't see me again for two weeks you will know why this time. Happy Thanksgiving to you all in the meantime. Love my friends here, I will miss all of you!
Bye abd be good! I will be back! XXOO Darla

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