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I feel like I'm not pregnant anymore!

Jun 09, 2009 - 6 comments

I'm really getting nervous. I don't know if it's because we've told people and now, I would hate to have to tell them I'm not or what.  But I'm not as tired today, I've slept better the last two nights, my bbs aren't as sore...barely sore at all. I'm not nauseated.

I'm just scared that the baby isn't growing anymore and the levels are dropping. I know there's nothing I can do anyway, but I'm really irritated by everyone and everything. I just want to go to bed and try to sleep through the next few weeks. I know I said I wanted to enjoy every second of being pregnant, but that was when I felt pregnant! I don't feel pregnant anymore.

Please, please PLEASE grow sprout grow!

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by Quinns momma, Jun 09, 2009
You are fine... There will be days in the first trimester that you feel great and then there are days where u feel awful. It is perfectly normal but causes a lot of anxiety. :)
I share the same worries. My cramps are pretty much gone but my boob pain has worsened. Ugh.... They are so sore.

Sounds like you have the mood swings tho. LOL ;)


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by wanting4#1, Jun 09, 2009
Hey, Kelly...

I do have the mood swings! I want to cry and then, I want to hit someone! I'm not really cramping...there's some dullness down there, but not hard-core cramping. I guess I'm just wishing that I had asked for additional b/w. I'm sure I could call and ask for one for tomorrow, but I'm not sure insurance would cover it!

My bbs were really sore last night, but now...not so much! And I guess it's just that ALL of the symptoms seem to be waning (not being tired, not having to pee, not having sore bbs....) and that's hard to be patient about!

I do keep reminding myself that there is nothing that I can do, but everytime I have to lift something or pull something, I get mad. I want to take it easy and pamper myself so that if something, God Forbids, goes wrong...I won't be filled with self-blame, etc.

No one gets it.

But, seriously, thank you so much for the reassuring words. You have NO idea how much it means to me. I have no place else to air my fears and keeping them inside really only makes it worse!


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by adgal, Jun 09, 2009
Hang in there hon.  I am doing the same thing, and look at the great news I got yesterday!!  Some days super strong symptoms, other days almost nothing...and I freak out every single time. Some days I am so tired all I want to do is sleep, others I have an incredible amount of energy.  As it turns out, all is fine and it is normal.  I cannot wait for you to have that is so very reassuring.  I'm right there holding your hand.  When you feel stressed out, give it a squeeze!!  (((Hugs))))

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by Juliaschill, Jun 09, 2009
I too went threw all the up and downs I would go for days with no symptoms and then so sleepy  I did not want to even get up. I know that telling you to relax will not work, as no matter what anyone said to me I was still a mess. It always felt like no one was getting that my fears were comming for my fear of loss and not a rational thought.  To me honest I just cried alot and prayer my little head off. Then I found this site. It gave me a place not only to vent but to also listen and try to help the other ladies on here, gave me something other than my fears to think about, so please air your fears all you want, we can't make them go away but we can  help you get threw them, best wishes,lots of prayers and sticky baby dust!!!

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by Helen72, Jun 09, 2009
I also had days when I felt like my prego symptoms were going away and my tummy was shrinking.  You are doing OK though.  I am sure that your next u/s will reassure you.

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by ircsportschic17, Oct 27, 2010
im 18. and im pregnant. im very nervous. but very excited. im having the worse cramps and sharp pains (on and off). ive never slept so much in my life. and ive been craving so much food lately. my first doctors appointment is nov 3. im very very very nervous.

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