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Jun 10, 2009 - 2 comments

Increasing my water consumption has had a tremendous effect on the way I feel. My worst days are the 2 days following the peg injection; but im making it through. Dr asked if i wanted to check my viral load early. Turned it down; will wait for the 12wk mark with a positive outlook. What does happen if these meds are not effective? Hopefully that is something I wont need to know. Looking forward to a nephews wedding in one wk. Then 2 weeks at the beach. Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by GreatBird, Jun 10, 2009
You should *definitely* check your load early. It's not just for emotional piece of mind, but important data on how you are responding to the drugs. Go for a 4 week test. If you are an early responder that can affect decisions you make later on during your treatment.

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by jdwithhcv, Jun 10, 2009
Please reconsider taking that 4 week PCR.  You really need that info - it can determine your length of treatment!


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