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need help

Nov 30, 2013 - 0 comments

need help

i've been married for 18 years. i have 2 children. my husband and i have had many problems through the years. he had always accused me of cheating on him when he is the one i've caught flirting with his employees. i'v confronted him about it and said that it wasn't him it was his employees who are just very close to him. anyway, every time i confront him he changed the whole story around that i'm the one cheating on him. he never likes going out to the movies or eating in the restaurants so my children grew up going to places only with me. he complains of not having money all the time and going out is just a whole waste of money when we can see a movie at home and eat at home. all these years of being married with him he never invited me for dinner out or to the movies. i like goin to places, going to the beach on vacation, he's the opposite.  8 months ago i met somebody and i fell in love with him. it has gotten my feelings toward my husband really worst. i thought before that i have that women problem of not being able to enjoy it in bed anymore because of my age. but after sleeping with this man i discovered that i can really enjoy it a lot and over and over in one night. my husband and i don't sleep together anymore, he sleeps in another bedroom, but he is still hoping we could fix our relationship. he is 15 years older than me and not much of a lover in bed. i haven't sleep with him for a year now. i totally fell in love with this new man in my life but i know it's wrong. i've tried so hard to stop seeing him , but i feel so addicted to him. we can't see each other often because i don't want to be discovered, but we send emails. i don't feel anything anymore towards my husband but i don't want to live him because of my kids.

i need help on how to stop loving this new man in my life and go on with my life. i've known him for 8 months now and i've only been with him like 5 times in hiding. or is there a way i can feel excitement again with  my husband who seemed not to know anything on bringing back romance in out boring life? what do i really need to do? i can't stop thinking about my lover. i feel that i love him so much and want to spend the rest of my life with him. but because of my kids i can't break up my marriage. please help open up my mind. thank you very much.

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