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Tramadol- have questions!  Some confusion!

Jun 11, 2009 - 2 comments

Hi, I am a 37 year old mom of a 5 year old and a 14 year old.  Right now, I am on my 12th week- yup, that is right- twelfth week of weaning off this medication. I have been taking Tramadol (3 years, off for one for pregnancy then 5 solid more) for what I was understood was fibromylaigia and "over-use" of my hands and feet b/c of kitchen work, wreath making and normal UP woman's way of life....  Much later, after SEVERAL lab tests through the Marquette General Hospital (U.P. of Michigan-our local clinics/hospital-Grand View use their labs)  (blood) checking on the thyroid, Lyme's disease, RA (arthritis- measures inflammation) factor (ALWAYS zero!!), treatment for depression (constant pain) and anxiety, being a new mother, past car accident YOU NAME IT- I went to Duluth, MN to St. Mary's hospital seeking answers-a Rheumatoligist discovered that I had rheumatoid arthritis immediately. I am now being treated with appropriate medication to stop the "self-destruction" that arthritis does to the joints.
I found this site b/c I just wanted to know if there was anyone else out there that had trouble getting off this.  I see there are THOUSANDS!!!  What surprised me is that it looks like others got a, well, a mental addition too.  Like a buzz thing.  I never had that happen- from what I can remember, I felt a little "speedy" for a week and then it was gone.  I hate to admit that tramadol did help with the pain ONLY b/c of how HARD it was to deal with the wean off.  I cannot imagine trying to do it cold turkey!!!! I tried it a few times. I was even given a small dose of lorazepam (Valium family)to help with the anxiety.  I also didn't realize you could abuse this b/c only my body had the addiction, which I was also unaware was going to happen b/c of it not being a narcotic. Consider myself lucky right now after being here, to this website- I have one day left and my prescription is over and am still scared to death of how I am going to feel.  Will check back later- it is a rainy day and my arthritis is not liking my hands at all.  

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by choose_life, Jun 12, 2009
Hello, I am also a mum of a five and fourteen yr old, and I have been completley off Tramadol for 7 days now.
I spent roughly the same time weaning and tappering down my dose until i was at 12.5 mg twice a day. i was on 600 mg daily.
I didn't ever feel a mental addiction to the drug either, but certainly knew i had a physical addiction when i first tried to come off.

The first five days were long and terriable, like having a shocking dose of the flu. I have been truely lucky in that my mother has been here to help me, becasuse i found day 4 and 5 a total right off! But now today i definatly have a return of energy.
Be sure to take regular paracetamol if you can to help regulate your body temp( you get awful chills) and if you have an anti-immflamatory from the chemist, take that too. Loads of vitB6 and B12 as well.

Just when you think you will never recover on day 5, you will wake on day 6 and 7 and start to feel normal again.

Good luck, and i hope the 14yr old helps with the five yr old a bit for you!!  Dont give will get thru it.....x

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by choose_life, Jun 12, 2009
Also the is a great tramadol thread to read and get inspired by at

It has hundreds of peaople in exactly our predicament....pls read it, it will help

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