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Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 28, 2008 - 8 comments

Heppers & Friends

I was sooooo concerned about a "mass" that they found on my liver during an U/S. However, (THANK YOU GOD), it was only a BENIGN Hemangioma, on the left lobe of my liver. Great News indeed, Whew!!!!!!!!

Normal in appearance are my: spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas, and gall bladder.  "There is no visible intestinal abnormality or lymph node enlargement". (Also, good news!!)    However, "there are mild atheroscleroic aortic calcifications". (Not such great news),  Not complaining cause it sure coulda turned out waaaayyy worse.  I'll just have to eat a 'heart healthy diet' and I'll be fine.

I'm soooo grateful for all the prayers, good wishes, and hugs, love and support.  Without my friends and family I'd have been a mess with a mass.  

To those of you reading this, who are among the above mentioned awesome people, Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!!!  Love  you  ALL Hugs, Bevy

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by zellyf, Apr 28, 2008
Yeah! I've been thinking about you.  That's a terrible wait b/n ultrasound and MRI isnt' it?

So what did they tell you?  I have to go have my follow up MRI in a couple of weeks to check up on my hemagioma.  

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by meki, Apr 28, 2008

Rock on!


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by jdwithhcv, Apr 28, 2008
Great news, so relieved for ya!!!

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by fuzzy1dar, Apr 28, 2008

So glad to here the good news!

take care.......don't forget to eat healthy!

Your friend....Darla

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by Mikkimoe, Apr 28, 2008



WINEEEEEEES and NEIGHS to you (From Matti - Corbell and Onyx)

And Major <<<<<<>>>>> from Mikkimoe

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by eureka254, Apr 28, 2008
Big hugs, you so deserve the good news!!!  
I'm smiling from ear to ear so wide, my face hurts... :D
Congratulations on getting cleared for treatment, too!  Just don't forget to eat your fruits and veggies :).

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by Wassup, Apr 28, 2008
Hi Sweeties,   I'm celebrating with a glass of Aries, cabernet savignon, -alcohol. I'm only a year sober and clean. I'm still kidding myself that O'Dould and Ariel, are just as much fun as REAL drinking.  No buzz, no fuzz, No more liver damage!!!!
I think another meaning for SVR should be 'so very relieved'! and for UND, 'utterly nice diagnosis',  Feedback Welcome

BTW- Re: "Heppers & Friends"  Most of my fellow Heppies ARE MY FRIENDS!  DUH!!!!!

Zellyf- My thoughts and prayers are with you for you Hemang. MRI ck. up. Yes, the wait is a bit 'squirmey', but the good news is worth the wait. So's the bad news.  (in a way...), what I don't know can't hurt me, bad news always get there, eventually. The later, the better for me.

Meki- What is the ROCK on?.... Should I move the ROCK? Is it heavy? Just a giggle for ya.

jdw/HCV- So, if you relieved for me, why do I still have to go?  ROTFLTIF

Darla- Who IS 'Healthy'? Is He cute? Shame on me!!! tee hee...

Mikki- Pls. give Matti,Corbell, and Onyx "Camel Faces" for me + Hugs, + Kisses, and toss in a few carrots for me too.  For you, my friend, GENERAL <<<<<<<>>>>>>>'s  No PRIVATE ones tho!!:0)) Grinzzzz

Love, Thanks and Hugs like crazy!!! Ant B. PS Now ya know Wassup!!!

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by Wassup, Apr 29, 2008
Eureka- Thanks, I'm sorry your face hurts you, (mine hurts everybody else),  J.K. Boy aren't I just the light hearted, sillier than thou, kinda Heppie Pal tonight.  Could It possibly be my GOOD NEWS?  ;D No doubt!!!!  

After all the complaining about having to wait, (to start Tx.), I promise to go easy on the 'whiney waah waah's' when I start TX on 'Stinko De Why oh". :)) Groanzzzz!

Well, it is now 10:00 P.M., and bedtime for school children.??  Which is good 'cause my last post was rated PG 17. I'm off to get a fudgesicle.  My super healthy diet starts with my first shot, on 'stinko de Why oh', (no, not tequila).      Hugz, Ant B    

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