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My weekly dr appt

Jun 11, 2009 - 3 comments

They said my cervix was still stable but also mentioned that it was 1.3 to 1.4 cm thick.. she said that was the same as the week before.. the last couple of weeks I have not been getting the actual measurements from them, but when I initially left the hopital they said it was 1.5 to 1.8 cm.. so to me it seems like it is getting even thinner but they say it is stable..  I'm trying not to worry and just focus on keeping pressure off my cervix.. But it really isn't that easy when you have a 15 month old son.. today he was having major melt downs when he got home from daycare and my father wasn't able to help me today.. I ended up having to pick jacob up several times..  

I will just keep expecting a miracle..

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by montie2, Jun 12, 2009
Oh my gosh Hannah!  That scares me that you didn't have help but I know in my heart that everything is going to be ok. Just take it easy as much as you can.  Kiss that little one for me. Love the mud pie pics!


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by mlb1234, Jun 12, 2009
Oh Hannah - I hope you are doing ok!  This is so scary but I also believe things will be OK.  I know it must be so difficult but you are doing a really great job!!  If they gave out awards for who is best on bedrest you would get the blue ribbon!! :)  Do what you can - you still have to be Jacobs mommy so don't feel guilty!!  Hugs!  Lisa

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by Heather3418, Jun 19, 2009

I just read your story about your emergency cerclage.  How terrifying for you.  This happened with my daughter, so they did exactly what they did to you, gave her the steroid injections to speed up the lung maturity.  Her cervix starting getting thinner as the pregnancy progressed, so her OB put her in the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I know that you certainly don't want to spend the rest of the pregnancy in the hospital, especially with a young one at home.  I know that you will do what you have to do to keep this baby safe inside, until he can wait no longer.  My daughter was actually put in the bed, with the bottom half of the bed raised, to keep all pressure off the cervix.  As the baby gained weight, this became even more important, but she did it.  She spent alot of time laying on her side in the hospital, which also helped to keep any weight off the cervix.

The baby made it to 35 weeks, thanks to her sacrifices, and weighed in at almost 7 pounds.  I hope and pray that your son will stay away from mommie's cervix, long enough to mature some more.  Hang in there Hannah.  Don't be surprised if they do stick you in the hospital sometime soon, for absolute, total, bedrest.  I know how hard it would be, but every week you can keep that baby in there, is one less week in the NICU.

Your baby is a fighter and so are you.  I feel really good about the outcome.  I feel it in my heart and soul.

Take care of yourself dear one.  We are all praying for you.  That 25 week mark is coming up soon....

From the MS Forum

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