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Another update.

Dec 03, 2013 - 3 comments

Thank you ladies for your continued support.  It's been really difficult these last few weeks.  My mom is doing ok.  When we moved her out of the rehab into the hospital at that point I honestly thought she would never get better.  I was preparing myself for the worse.  
Then she started to get all the medical treatment she was not getting at the rehab center and did a total turn around.  Now of course the cancer is still there but she was alert, awake, talking understandably and eating finally.  I was so happy that she was back to her normal self.  I thought I'd never get to talk with her again.  Apparently, the rehab (which is also a nursing  home) was giving her percoset every four hours even though she didn't need it.  She was so drugged up she had no memory of being there.  The nurse told my dad she was asking for it over night.  We don't think she was really, they must have assumed her slur voice was one of pain and just gave it to her.  She never even had any physical therapy while there.  Her regular dr. came in to see her and he made the call to admit her.  Thank God because we discovered more fluid on her other lung and two blood clots in her neck and arm.  Since then all of her numbers, vitals, have been great.  She's on a blood thinner and its been regulated now.  But Sunday she sounded funny to me, yesterday again.  I haven't spoken to her today because she's sleeping.  Once again, she's in that sleepy stage not sure what is going on.  
I talked to my dad about it, but he is getting very upset with me.  They actually wanted to release her today because they felt that she would be good to go back to rehab now.  This was based on how she was over the weekend which I thought yes I think she can actually do it now.  But in the last 24 hours her sodium is up so she will need another iv drip so now they're pushing for a Thursday release.  My sister and I are concerned because we are not sure she is really capable of doing any kind of therapy now. She hasn't been up on her feet at all really.  Its very hard to get her in and out  of bed as she has just started using the porta potty.  
The next issue my mom's family is outraged that she is going back to the same rehab  but this is the closest to my parents house and the hospital.  Should she have to go back in, my dad is able to stay over night with her and that's extremely important to him.  So its been a lot of issues, stress and tension.  I'm trying to keep a clear head but I'm very overwhelmed.  
Thanks for listening.

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1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Dec 03, 2013
I personally wouldn't want her going back to that rehab center either. It sounds like they're "taking care" of her by drugging her up so they don't have to deal with her. I'm glad you got her out of there so she could get to feeling better.

I'm so glad to hear there's some progress.

I guess if she has to go back to that rehab center, at least your dad will be there to make sure they don't drug her up.

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Dec 03, 2013
Just brutal. I'm glad to hear she is better than she was though. There will be good days and bad ones... it's the nature of this crappy crappy disease. I pray you can find some peace of mind through all the turmoil and ups & downs. I know how difficult it is on families to get through this without targeting each other, I know it all to well. Everyone is just looking for answers, and unfortunately someone to blame. I hope you are taking care of yourself as well through all this. You are a great daughter J

Give the boys a squeeze from me :)

3233386 tn?1447024695
by mandaszoo, Dec 04, 2013
Wow so much to cope with . I hope at least if your dad can stay there with your mum he can keep an eye on her care and treatment. You and your family are in my prayers x

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