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Dec 03, 2013 - 3 comments

Pain, pain and more pain. I had my left (dominant) hand surgery done yesterday and I'm having a very bad day today. The joint at the base of the thumb had to be removed and replaced by a "spare" tendon in my forearm, due to severe osteoarthritis. The right hand was done in August and has healed very nicely and is now far more useful and less painful than it was before surgery. It was horrible for the first few days but within 4 weeks was doing pretty well. Unfortunately this one is hurting even more than the right one did. Gifts of good healing energy will be much appreciated here! I just want the pain to go down enough that I can think a little and breath normally.

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317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Jan 23, 2014
Hey there! I am so sorry, I just saw this. I hope you are doing well.  I hurt my back before Thanksgiving, then had surgery Christmas Eve. Have not been on line much.  Gosh that had to be awful.  My best ever thoughts and hugs are coming your way!

1840891 tn?1431547793
by ceanothus, Jan 23, 2014
Thanks Dee! Yes, I am doing much, much better! There were a couple of days of hellish pain, followed by a week or so of pretty bad pain, but my hand is doing pretty well now (7weeks post-op). It only hurts when my physical therapist is stretching it or when I try to use it hard (squeezing or pinching things are still likely to make it hurt). I'm hoping to get back to full normal hand function but I do still have lots of arthritis going on so I'm a little worried that some other aspect of that problem may just take over by the time my hands are fully recovered from the surgery. I hope not! I at least want a year or two of fairly pain-free hand use again before things go bad in some new way!

I hope your back problems have responded well to surgery. I'll post a separate message to you about that.

5249831 tn?1407713726
by dustbear, Jan 23, 2014
I wish I could wave my magic wand and take the pain away from your hand!
Sending you great energy your way.
Take care,

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