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Eat Less. Do More. Repeat.

Jun 12, 2009 - 47 comments

Weight Loss




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healthy dieting

Everywhere you look, there's a new approach to weight loss.  From acid balance to zodiac signs, authors, experts, and even bloggers are trying to find the next hook to help you lose weight and help them sell books or advertisements on their websites.  But we all know somewhere deep inside that much of the "secret" to losing weight safely comes down to two main concepts:  Eat less. Do more.  But generalities don't help all that much when you're trying to fit into that bridesmaid's dress or interview suit and remember the bowl of vanilla ice cream that you inhaled at two in the morning.  Especially if you're trying to lose a lot of weight, it seems insurmountable.  Any weight loss plan should be undertaken under the supervision of a physician, but it's all right if you take the initiative.

Try approaching it by making a few small changes that you can live with and stick with.  Try these on for size...

1) Sleep.  Studies show that people who sleep more than seven hours a night lose weight as compared to night owls.

2) Eat breakfast.  Your mother was right.

3) Drink water.  Don't focus on eight glasses a day.  Four should do it.

4) Buy some good coffee and drink it black.  Don't waste your money on caramel mocha whipped calorie bombs.  A simple cup of good coffee barely has any calories.

5) Cut out soda.  The key point here is to stop drinking soda rather than switching to diet soda.  Some studies even suggest that drinking diet soda can result in weight gain too.

6) Soup is good food.  The commercials are true - soup is good for you.  Avoid the creamy and cheesy options and fill up on broth-based vegetable soups.  Eating soup before a meal will satisfy you and result in eating fewer calories overall.

7) The kitchen is a no-fly zone after dinner.  Once you leave the kitchen after dinner, don't come back until morning.  You are not welcome there.

8) Do something.  Every day.  Walk. Run. Garden. Play with your kids. Take the stairs. Get off one stop early.  And if you get tired? That's generally the point...

9) Keep a food diary.  You will surprise yourself.

10) Weigh yourself.  Research shows that people who weigh themselves more frequently lose more weight in the long run.

Hopefully these ten steps will seem like a good fit for you!

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579258 tn?1250649343
by Ranaesheart, Jun 12, 2009
Dr. Beckerman,

Thank you for an interesting and informative article with some straight-forward talk about weight loss.  You've given us some definite steps that, when implemented, will definitely aid in our weight loss efforts!

Your approach to making small changes that we can live with is key to making the lifestyle changes that not only help us lose weight, but maintain it for a lifetime.  This is the philosophy of the MedHelp members in the Weight Loss & Dieting community as well.

In addition, we also strive to challenge our thought processes and examine our relationship with food.  Many of us have used food to self-medicate and we must discover the underlying emotions and learn a more positive way to handle them.

The food journal you speak of, was key in my success and a tool I will continue to use.  MedHelp will be releasing one very soon and the community is most anxious to implement it.

Your post has been shared with our community at http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Weight-Loss--Dieting/A-Physicians-10-Steps-to-Weight-Loss-/show/974271

Look forward to your posts and want to welcome you to MedHelp!  Your expertise is most appreciated and welcome!  

Very best wishes ..

CL - Weight Loss & Dieting Community

214105 tn?1265935159
by jdesouza, Jun 13, 2009
Great practical advice.
There are a few that I hadn't seen before such as the diet soda and sleep ones.
I don't know about getting more sleep but I'm going to try some of the others.

657315 tn?1319491387
by twehner5, Jun 13, 2009
Thank you, Dr. Beckerman, for posting practical, "do-able" healthy weight tips.  I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight my entire adult life, and my most recent weight loss has been the most successful.  I have employed all or most of the 10 steps that YOU outlined PLUS ONE MORE!  I have found MedHelp.  I am NOT being corny, but I DO believe that the camaraderie and support of similarly-struggling people is encouraging.

Blogs such as this help to get the word out that achieving a healthy weight is NOT as difficult as we sometimes make it.  Achieving a healthy weight does NOT have to cost a lot of money....  How much more encouraging can it get?

Thanks again for posting this.  I hope MANY people come across it and are encouraged.

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by PRINCESS5121, Jun 13, 2009
    i was wondering you oponion on weight loss clinics that are medically supervisec by a M.D. for the daily HCG injections and the 500 calorie a day diet for 6 weeks ? thankyou.i definilty got some encouragement from your post to not go back in the kitchen after dinner ! thanks for the support !

Avatar universal
by Polly479, Jun 13, 2009
Good to know about the amount of sleep!  One would think I would be thin as a rail .. not so.  Just need to stop exercising the old hand to mouth thing!!  So glad I happened on this site.  Thank you for a very good and informative article, well written.

921323 tn?1268675812
by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Jun 13, 2009
Thank you all for your kind posts!  Just a quick response to Princess5121 - I would not generally recommend a 500 calorie diet or daily HCG injections - safe and healthy weight loss is best achieved a single pound at a time with small incremental changes in intake and output.  Stay tuned for more solutions!  Thanks again for visiting the forum!

703362 tn?1427766328
by lucindamartinez, Jun 13, 2009
Thank you for the informative article Dr. Beckerman.  I love the title of the article by the way...Eat Less. Do More. Repeat.  Short and to the point.  

The steps that I need to work towards myself are: Sleep (never enough), continue my newfound breakfast eating regimen, drink water, eventually eliminate soda entirely, eat soup (love it and very filling), do some sort of exercise activity every day, and continue with the food journaling.  I am excited about the upcoming food journal!  That should be extremely helpful to us on this journey.  

Again, thank you for the article Dr. Beckerman and welcome to our community!  We appreciate your input and assistance on our journey to weight loss success.

935731 tn?1244983250
by Marie104, Jun 14, 2009
Thank you Dr. Beckerman for your "bold" advice on weight loss, especially suggesting  4 glasses of water instead of touting the usual 6-8 glasses per day and saying good night to the kitchen after dinner.

393685 tn?1425812522
by stella5349, Jun 14, 2009
I just wish we could read that IF you are praticing those very important 10 steps you mention above and STILL are failing at losing weight - then other things should be tested.

It's odd - but all my life I maintained a good weight for me and then thyroid disease hit and I went from one extreme to the other.

Hardly - ever to patients hear from their doctors that hormones "could" cause the metobolism stall, its always..... " you're not moving enough, you don't eat right, you need more sleep, try weight watchers, etc - etc etc.... "

I think that's why patients are so frustrated with most of this information, b/c they do the right things and especially, someone with thyroid issues, they are treated like someone who is a couch potatoe.

I laugh at the last time I was at my MD with my husband. My guy solely smokes cigs - and drinks coffee all day with a rigourous hard job. He went in complaining of feeling bad. My husband is skinny and has approx 2% body fat on him. When I told "the doctor" of his absence of meals, he said QUOTE - "We'll, NOT eating all day is fine, I DO THAT, and I am trim too!" OMG !! - this is the same doctor that told me South Beach would help me lose weight and my thyroid had nothing to do with it. " maybe 10 pounds"   HA!

See ya - to that doctor. Now that I found "someone" who really knows why I gained 40 pounds and is helping me lose that.

Plus she is disgusted with my husbands abuse to his body. We are finally getting our lives back like we were 10years ago.

Unfortunately our insurance won't pay for her, like they did for the other "doctor." So it is "cash out of our pockets" to really get well and live better.

572651 tn?1530999357
by Lulu54, Jun 14, 2009
Dr Beckerman,
What a great blog - straight to the point with no preaching.  Just some honest facts about what each of us must do to take control of our lives.  

It is especially encouraging to me to see you are a cardiologist - but not limiting yourself to treating the cardio system as a separate entity.  I had an MI last year at age 53, and lost about 40 pounds afterwards by doing what you have outlined above.  Unfortunately about 10  have crept back but I'm aware of them and working again at taking them off. There is little said at all my doctor appts. about weight fluctuation - I just weigh in and that's it.

Most of us are here because of one disease or another.  I hope in your future posts you will focus even more on the connection between healthy eating/weight and managing disease processes.

my best,
Co-cl, MS forum

Avatar universal
by medicmommy, Jun 14, 2009
Dr Beckman,
Thanks for the blog! I've seen most of the info before, but it is nice to have it all together in one place! -I've printed out the page and posted it as a reminder to GET OFF MY REAR and do something sustained every day!  The "eat less" echoes portion control (reminding me that my body doesn't need to have a full plate to be well nourished)...
I've recently seen a campaign pushing "eat what your Grandma did"...(Well, maybe great-grandma for some..) and it is SO true! If we all focused on food basics (which doesn't have to be expensive) and stayed away from the wrapped and processed convenience food, that alone would trim our ever-increasing backsides!
As a fellow health care worker (I'm a private ambulance paramedic), I see the food choices people and fellow employees make for themselves and their children, and it is sobering to realize what this stuff does to your body after a period of time...My job is the worst for good sleep habits and eating regularly (24 hour shifts and grab a bite whenever) .Seeing patients (that we have to bodily pick up!) so obese they won't fit on our gurney...20 years ago, it was rare to see a patient over 275 lbs...Now most of our patients weigh between 250-400 lbs...Nursing homes are filling with young (20's!) people who weigh 400+ lbs and are so immobilized by their weight that they are unable to get out of bed...Very sad...How horrible to live your life that way...~Melinda F.

Avatar universal
by Jaquta, Jun 16, 2009
I like your humor.  It makes weight loss seem like a challenge and not an insurmountable obstacle.


Avatar universal
by pookiebun, Jun 17, 2009
the diet soda is definitely a no go UNLESS you can deal with super duper bad hunger feelings.  Drinking diet soda for most can make you hungrier so don't do it...try putting a lemon wedge in your water instead.  also it really is better to eat 5-6  200-250 calorie small meals a day...i know it's not as satisfying and it took a lot for me to get used to as well but it promotes lean muscle retention and avoids your body from consuming your muscle instead of fat...ALSO it's not so bad to eat a small healthy snack before dinner..like a banana or granola bar.  Some hard core body freaks even wake up 4 hrs into their sleep cycle to eat a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese or a couple of nuts just to keep their metabolism going through sleep.
the key is to munch all day long on low calorie, whole fruits, veggies and nuts...
and remember that water it flushes out all the bad toxins and will result in giving you a leaner physique...
i know this stuff is hard to follow, but maintaining a great physique and good health is a lifestyle.  it has to be a number one priority otherwise it will be almost impossible to accomplish and certainly impossible to keep the weight off for good.
just remember, hero's never quit :) you can do it!

Avatar universal
by SoniaP, Jun 17, 2009
This is great advice.  It is amazing how little common sense people have!  If we pay attention to our body we will 'hear' the signals it is sending.  Those small changes will do wonders for people.  I would just add: chew your food thoroughly so the enzymes have a chance to work and eat a diversity of foods.  Color is extremely important.  Eating from the natural rainbow will provide the many phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc that the body needs.  We just need to like ourselves enough to treat ourselves with care.

Sonia E. Perez, CNHP

Avatar universal
by sfasunwon, Jun 22, 2009
Dear Doc,
Thanks for your post on weight loss, you know many have lost thier lifes or even gotten deadly diseases due to efforts in lossing weight by taking in various drugs, herbal tea to mention few. But with this advise i think all it takes is discipline and the so called weight loss will be achieved in no time. I have not heard about the sleep issue before but i think it worth given a trial. Once again thanks for the natural and costless ways of lossing weight.
Hope all weight loss fans will abide by it.

Jesus baby

Avatar universal
by MikeSu, Jun 22, 2009
Hi there, and yes, all the advice given here is correct. However, there is one more important factor, if one really wants to lose some pounds (Dr. Beckerman will for sure agree, or?): Just by taking care of the diet and sleep and etc. it will be very difficult, if there are already pounds and pounds too many around the waiste and elsewhere. But regular (4 to 6 times a week!!) VERY MODERATE!, I repeat: VERY MODERATE excercise is a must. With "very moderate" I mean excercise in a level not exhausting yourself at all. For theory freaks: It must be absolute and without any exception "aerobe" excercise, with lactate acid not more than 1.2 to 1.5 mmol/l (blood) during and at the end of the excercise. For most of us, not well trained like top athletes, that means just WALKING fast, BUT NOT RUNNING! Forget "Aerobics Training". That's the absolute killer, completely anaerobe for most, and doesn't help for sustainable weight loss. If you are overweight and without basic good fitness (that you had regular training over longer period) you won't be able to stay in aerob, low-lactate metabolism with running, aerobics, cross-trainer etc.. Which means, if you run, do aerobics or work out on the cross trainer your body is switching to carbohydrate and protein metabolism, NOT AT ALL burning your FAT. All those slimming gurus out there in the fitness centers making you sweat and breathing like hell destroy your body mid- to long term. If you're little lucky you may have some weight loss at first, but it will come back worse. Only moderate, aerobe, low-lactate acid training will give you the success you're looking for. To know you correct trainingsintensity try to be able to measure your heart rate during excercise. Depending on your age it should never be higher than 125- 130 if you're about 30 years old and between 110 to 115 when you are over 45. These data I gave here are just an indication not very accurate.
I am not a doctor, not a fitness guru. I just was overweight and unhappy, stressed and taking medicine to reduce weight and improve my immune system etc. Effect was, that I felt worse, didn't lose weight sustainably and got more sick and unhappy. Finally I found this much easier (though you have arrange the time 5 times a week for an hour ) way of losing weight and improving my overall fitness. When I started this regular, extremely moderate training I started losing weight without any starving (still calorie intake of about 2200 - 2600 a day) and improving overall health and fitness and younger looks.
So just once again: If you want to lose weight forget all those fitness trainers torturing you in the gym. Take the easy (but time consuming) direction, 1 hour a day, 5 times a week, moderate cycling or walking (running for most of us not suitable to lose weight because it's getting quickly anaerobe, preventing fat metabolism), nordic walking, etc. No heavy sweating, definitly no heavy breathing, low heart rate (which indicates aerobe, low-lactate acid metabolism) but consequent and at least 30 minutes in one session, better one hour..
What I try to write here in a few lines fills complete books. Sorry that it might be not 100% clear for some. But find ways of moderate training and you'll see the success..

Mike (Vienna/Kuala Lumpur)

Avatar universal
by healthybeing, Jun 22, 2009
I loved how you brought is all back to basics. Simple equation: you eat a lot of bad stuff=you gain weight.
People shouldn't take the weighing tip too seriously though. Those who do it too often become paranoid and can't enjoy a good old PB&J once in a while.

Thank you Dr. Beckerman!

Avatar universal
by mandyg3737, Jun 22, 2009
I LOVE this article.  I would be interested to hear your opinion on the Cohen's diet.  I have been on it for two weeks and have never felt so low, lethargic and generally unhappy in my life.  They do not encourage exercise but I still play a high level of basketball and train, so I am guessing this is causing my extreme reaction to this diet.  Yes I have lost over 6 kgs (around 13 pounds) but I am wondering at the cost.  My nose has now broken out in cold sores which I never get unless I am run down and stressed.  I am thinking that following your "rules" would be a much more effect lifestyle change for me.  

Avatar universal
by MikeSu, Jun 22, 2009
Hi again... The Cohen diet will give you a quick result, if you are consequent and committed. And it will make you MORE OVERWEIGHT less than a year later. Ever heard of the Yoyo effect? Unless you stick consequently and committed to the Cohen diet forever, which is nearly impossible. Can you imagine to eat the rest of your life only certain fruits, veggies, and these in very restricted quantities? Even the "re-feeding program" after the first phase, which probably made you lose weight, only allows small quantities of reasonably normal food later on. Nobody will ever survive that... :)
But if you can't consequently continue this strict diet your body will put on more fat after finishing the diet and a year later you weigh much more than before you started the diet.. Just google "yoyo effect" and read from the experts (I am not!)..

As I mentioned above, without following Dr. Beckerman's diet recommendations on the one hand, but as a MUST also moderate (again I emphasize MODERATE!), aerobe, low lactate-acid, low heart rate excercise there is basically NO WAY for sustainable weight loss and overall health and fitness. Nutrition alone just doesn't do the job. And not at all in a healthy way..
I am not an expert, not at all a guru, but I tried since years, but only a year ago I started moderate training (before I did twice a week heavy training - putting on more weight because the beer afterwards and the anaerobe training had the exact opposite effect). I don't eat less now, but more considerate, healthy nutrition (somethiong like Dr. Beckerman recommends here), but I spare my time for an hour moderate workout (ergometer or walking a bit faster, but don't run at the begin (first 6 weeks or so) on treadmill or outdoors, you'll get into anaerobe metabolism and not fat burning within a few minutes).
If you don't believe me, google some of the keywords I used above: aerobe/anaerobe training, muscle lactate acid, fat metabolism, moderate excercise..  But be critical and forget web pages preaching heavy training and strict diet.. The yoyo effect will strike once you reduce the training and start eating again

Good luck..


Avatar universal
by Mavieboy, Jun 23, 2009
Wow - great article and great tips!!!

Avatar universal
by aloha11, Jun 23, 2009
Thanks Dr. Beckerman - it is that simple I guess but we humans just want to complicate it all!!  Can you help me? I've lost 70 pounds on WW and had kept it off for months.  Now a big shock - had polyps on throat and had them removed and had to quit smoking.  I did it cold turkey - have not smoked in 12 days - but have gained back at least 13 pounds!! The worst for me is at night but there's no way I'm overeating that much.  And I'm exercising more!  Did the nicotine speed up my metabolism that much?  Could a lot of this be "water" weight??  What do you think Doc?  Thanks, Geri

921323 tn?1268675812
by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Jun 23, 2009
Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to post comments!

Just a quick note to Aloha11 - people commonly gain some weight back after quitting smoking - but PLEASE know that you made the right choice by quitting.  Despite a little metabolism reset (nicotine likely plays a role here) you should continue to lose weight if you are eating right and exercising.  Sometimes people treat themselves to special foods or late night snacks when they stop smoking - a little bit of a reward for quitting perhaps? - and this can limit progress too.  But the most important thing here is that you quit - congratulations!!!

Avatar universal
by susan1947, Jun 25, 2009
Susan from Chicago, again.

My next question regards the use of colon cleansing.  I am a Windy City girl, not from CA where it seems more citizens are colon cleansing than voting.  I've watched all these infomercials from Dr. OZ on Oprah to some bearded spook on late nite TV.  "They" indicate that the build up of fat in the mid section is indigested food that can be "toxic" if not eliminated for only 150/mo habit using there miracle herbal products.  Also promising 25 lbs. and more weight loss from eliminating this stored up "scuz".  Being cynical, I'm not buying.

Any thoughts on colon cleansing???

Avatar universal
by susan1947, Jun 25, 2009
Dr. Beckerman

I am 62 female, 5"1".  For the last 30+ years I've been on low dose Lithium and various antidepressants now on generic Celexa.  During this time my weight has seesawed from 120 to 190 currently!!!  I look like a mini-sumo wrestler.  I eat only about 1 1/2 meals/day, I quite smoking last year, have given up ice cream, sode and alcohol. I walk about 1mi/day but am otherwise inactive (unemployed).

At 62, I worry that this extreme weight gain will lead to heart & knee/foot problems, diabetes and kidney problems due to long term lithium usage.

Any thoughts on this RX mix and the extreme weight fluctuations??  Thank You.

Susan from Chicago

921323 tn?1268675812
by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Jun 25, 2009
Hi Susan,

I don't recommend colon cleansing - I'm not aware of any research studies that support any significant medical benefit, and there are concerns about dehydration and electrolyte imbalances that can result from it.  No miracle herbals here...!

Avatar universal
by isibi, Jun 25, 2009
hi there great article i am just starting my diet and i find it so dificult to lose weigth i never had to deal with this problem before i could eat whatever and never gain a pound and now i gain 40 lb , i will take your advise thanks.

Avatar universal
by kathy755, Jun 28, 2009
Loved your blog, Doctor.  I was on the hcg diet / injections, but was told that in the late 70's hcg diet / injections had been associated with the developement of Cancer. Of course, that was the last day I took the injection.  but, now am wondering if there is any known documentation of this.  I have done research and have not located any.  Any help??????
Thank You for you time.

Avatar universal
by Coons, Jun 29, 2009
Hi. I agree that the blog is great--very practical and simple. On the weighing thing, though, I know that that is good for many people, but for me it lets the scale tell me how to feel about myself for the day. I know it shouldn't, but it always does. So what works better for me is a tip I got from a thin family: use the clothes. When my clothes are too tight, I know I need to eat less, and I am motivated by the desire to feel comfortable. Along with that is the 'don't buy bigger clothes' rule. Otherwise it won't work.

I also appreciate how you, Dr. Beckerman, read the comments and respond when appropriate. That is really useful.


921323 tn?1268675812
by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Jun 29, 2009
Thank everyone for all your comments!!

Just a couple of things...I have read that injections of HCG can be associated with some forms of cancers (such as breast cancer) - I recommend against it.

With respect to self-weighing, it's an individual thing.  Studies do show that even daily weighing compared to weekly weighing is associated with more weight loss, but you have to do what works for you!

Avatar universal
by chyrell, Jul 13, 2009
hi! your blog is really helpful and encouraging as I'm trying to lose weight now because i just  found out that i have dyslipidemia. I'm on (my early 30's, 5ft, 70kg) currently on low fat/high fiber diet, simvastatin and  fish oil caps. how much should i lose weight in a month? u also talked about drinking coffee could help shed some pounds. would there be a difference if i drink instant coffee instead of brewed? thanks very much.

921323 tn?1268675812
by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Jul 13, 2009
Thanks for your post, Chyrell!

Weight loss of about two pounds per week is a great target.  Regarding coffee, be careful what you put in it (sugar and creamer add lots of calories!).  Instant versus brewed shouldn't make much of a difference.  I tend not to recommend pounding down mugs of coffee to try to lose weight, but if you enjoy coffee, it may help a bit.  Good luck and feel free to post anytime!

Dr. Beckerman
On Twitter @jamesbeckerman

Avatar universal
by Kate217, Aug 05, 2009
I am 54 and gaining weight, yet trying to eat less. I have always been slim and cannot stand to see the ring of weight I am adding to my middle section - at least 8 pounds in the past 6-8 months.  I have little time to exercise, yet I try to do something for at least 20 minutes each day.  Should I be concerned the weight gain is something more serious?  I am on synthoid, but tests have been normal so far.  Any advise would be Very HELPFUL and appreciated!

Avatar universal
by evonne357, Aug 08, 2009
I walk my little black pug cocoa at least three blocks a day about three times a day.Ialso ride my stationary bicycle at least one mile.Every time Itend not to lose but apound or two Ihave thyroid problems also.Diet plans exercise equipment you name it ive tried it in the end im still obese.Would anybody know about the Zero Diet pill would you recomend this pill?I have given up all hope i hate being so heavy it alone is endangering my health.This pill from what I see on tv sure has helped people lose weight.Is it possible for me to get this pill?

Avatar universal
by Japanesepatient, Aug 19, 2009
Eat more fruit and vegetables. Something else that your mother was right about.

Avatar universal
by dog2474, Aug 29, 2009
Dr. Beckerman,
I have a question I feel like my dr wont answer:  I'm 47 years old and just found out by random e-rays test I have a twisted aorta.  I also have HBP around 134/84 with coozar.  I have passed several stress test- no problems.  I walk about 12 miles per wk.  I do P90X yes it's hard but trying to stay in shape.I'm 6 ft and 200 pounds and try to watch my diet.  My dr tells me dont worry about the twisted aorta- nothing I can do about it.  My family has a long history on HBP( bad history) will
Chelation Therapy work in my case?

Avatar universal
by richa476, Aug 31, 2009
thank u and it was very helpful too, but i would like to know whats a food diary.
i dont know how to count calories of the stuff i eat.

921323 tn?1268675812
by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Aug 31, 2009
Hi everyone, thanks for your posts!

To evonne357 - I am not familiar with that pill and generally don't recommend over the counter diet pills of any type.

To japanesepatient - I couldn't agree more!

To dog2474 - Chelation therapy does not have any proven benefit.

To richa476 - keeping a food diary is fortunately not about counting calories, but about writing down what you are eating and drinking in detail.  Doing this helps you recognize areas that you can cut back (for example, whipped cream on your hot chocolate) or make changes (for example, broiling chicken rather than frying it).  Counting calories is way too time-intensive for me too! That's why I recommend this - because anyone can do it and you don't need any references to do it correctly.  Good luck!

Avatar universal
by Jaquta, Sep 05, 2009
In addition to regular weighing I would also suggest investing in a mirror.  Without these I think we become less aware and less accountable.
Our chickens escaped from their coop last year and broke our mirror (long story), which we didn't replace.  I think it can be an extremely useful tool in weight loss and maintenance.

300762 tn?1252232801
by xawara, Sep 07, 2009
thnx dr beckman....
but...i was just wondering...that as i am suffering from polycystics.....
would it work for me too?.....
i am 20 yrs old....n minerecent weight is 141...i really want to reduce it...

Avatar universal
by hotless, Oct 26, 2009
i need help to lose weight what should i do im unhappy with myself im omnly 22 years old and i feel like a hippo i trying the aci berrie pill and it did,nt work so i feel stock. like i,m at  the end of the road so what should i do

921323 tn?1268675812
by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Oct 26, 2009
I think you and thousands of others haven't had luck with the acai berry supplement either - it just doesn't work!!!

Get back to basics.  Have realistic but concrete goals.  Start small.  A single pound at a time...

Avatar universal
by samrin, Nov 18, 2009
my height is 5.2inch and weight is 128 pounds.... i want to loose it upto 116pounds in 20 days.... i hav left cold drinks , shuger usage, n whatever u said..n i also started with exersice...i do jumps for half an hr daily,,,,,n in diet i take sandwitch of brown bread plus meat n pulses.....n take  a glass of milk but with cadbury chocolate because i dont like milk taste...should i use anything else...n yeah i do eat grapes n gava...

965215 tn?1274955173
by Rhettsmom07, Jan 12, 2010
I have had a weight problem my whole life. I have tried every diet known to man. Nothing seems to work. I just recently found out I have diabetes and now I feel it is even a bigger problem. My doctor gave me topamax for weight lose. I know it will be slow. But lose of appetite is just a side effect (possible) so there is no guarantee. He also mentioned a shot that he can give me which the insurance company will not pay for. I am really not looking forward to having to take insulin. It just seems I was destin to be over weight. I was upset about the diabetes and never asked him about the shots. Do you know what he can be talking about?
And would you also know of what else I can do to get this weight off of me. I am getting tired of it.

1229364 tn?1267437099
by rubyrubyrubyruby, Mar 16, 2010
Hi I am 24 years, from india,I got removed my ovarian cyst wich was of 8 cm,on Feb 8 th,2010,along with it appendise,was also removed,and cyst was in right ovary,because I dont have baby,doctor made holes in my both ovaries ...from when shall I plan for baby and does ovarian cyst causes problem in having baby.. I am apset about it ,plse help ........this is my email adress plse reply,  

...I got u r answer, as u told to wait for 6 months to consive,but I do wanted to loose weight,frm when shall i start walking,running,slite workout...how many hours..

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by 1Moonbeam, Nov 17, 2010
Okay, so I'll start a food diary, since it's the only thing I haven't habitually done for the last 36 years, while my weight suddenly went from 150 to 186, stuck like glue for 30 years, then gradually dropped for no apparent reason over 5 years to 150, and has suddenly hit 170 over the last 6 months.  I've taken Synthroid during the entire 36, Armor thyroid for 15 years before that.  Stuck at 186 during the 6 years I was in college, walking about 5 miles a day, carrying books.

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by luis2012, Jun 22, 2012
These are true life blogs and will help many people. Any comments on Diets like powder /pills/etc- dr

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by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Jun 22, 2012
Thanks Luis!

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