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HIV Risk In Perspective- Why You Should Fully Expect A Negative Result

Jun 13, 2009 - 56 comments

HIV Transmission


HIV Risks




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hiv test

Your condom broke. Or, you just forgot to use one in the heat (or drunkenness) of the moment. If this applies to you and you had unprotected sex with a heterosexual partner of unknown status, please read on. If you are reading this, you are probably obsessing over the possibility of having contracted HIV and/or are dreading getting an HIV test. However, it is my aim to teach you that you really have nothing to worry about concerning such an exposure.

First, HIV is a very difficult virus to transmit sexually. Based on a number of studies, the average frequency of transmission is between 1 in 1000-2000 episodes of unprotected vaginal sex, IF the partner is infected, with somewhat higher frequency from male to female. Under certain circumstances, there are other risk factors that may come into play such as viral load, concurrent STDs, etc., that may increase this risk, but for most people the 1 in 1000-2000 statistic applies.

Second, in North America, most heterosexuals do not have HIV.  Unless someone lives in an HIV endemic area such as an inner city, is an immigrant from a country with high HIV prevalence, is bisexual or a partner of a bisexual, or is an injection drug user or commercial sex worker, the prevalence of HIV in people without these risk factors is extremely low- less than 1 in 1000 people. Even in commercial sex workers, the incidence is less than 1 in 100, with most infections in 'street walkers' who use narcotics; the prevalence in high class call girls and escorts is no different than the rest of the population.

A person’s HIV risk is a product of the frequency of transmission for the particular sex act and the odds that the partner was infected. This means that unless your partner had any of the aforementioned risk factors, the chance of getting infected from a single episode of unprotected sex is 1 in a MILLION!

So let’s put 1 in a million (1/1,000,000) in perspective:

Odds of being struck by lightning in a given year: 1/400,000 (1)

Odds of being struck in your lifetime: 1/5000 (1)

Odds of dying in an accident in a given year: 1/ 2,517 (2)

Odds of dying in an accident in your lifetime: 1/ 32 (2)

Odds of dying by assault by firearm in a given year: 1/24,005 (2)

Odds of dying by assault by firearm in your lifetime: 1/309 (2)

Odds of dying from a fire in a building in a given year: 1/113,300 (2)

Odds of dying from a fire in a building in your lifetime: 1/1,456 (2)

Odds of dying from accidental drowning in a given year: 1/82,777 (2)

Odds of dying from accidental drowning in your lifetime: 1/1,064 (2)

As you can see, if you are going to worry about having contracted HIV from a single episode of unprotected sex, don’t forget about accidents, guns, house fires, water, and lightning, as all of these things are much more likely to lead to your demise than HIV!

Medical authorities DO NOT EVEN RECOMMEND TESTING after a single episode of unprotected sex in most situations (3)(4)(5). If you are a heterosexual who has had unprotected sex outside of a mutually monogamous relationship and do not have symptoms, all you need is an annual health screen that includes testing for HIV and common STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis)- you are far more likely to contract these during unprotected sex than HIV. HIV/STD testing is also advised if you are about to start a long-term sexual relationship with someone, so that you both know your status going into the relationship.

If you are one of the many who will remain concerned about an exposure despite being given the facts that your chance of contracting HIV was close to nil, then by all means test. There is never a downside to getting tested. But you should fully expect a negative result. The odds are overwhelmingly on your side- your negative result is 99.9999% ASSURED before you even walk in the door at the testing clinic!

ALMOST NOBODY gets infected from a single episode of unprotected sex with a partner of unknown status. Almost all sexually acquired HIV cases occur in people with multiple, repeated, unprotected high risk exposures (6)(7). HIV risk is a "numbers game" (8), the more you take a chance, then of course the more likely you are to be infected. If you have had only one or just a few exposures to someone -even if they happened to be HIV positive- the odds would still be in your favor. But as I said, chances are that your partner didn’t even have HIV in the first place, and it is of course impossible to contract it if your partner doesn’t have it.

Can someone contract HIV from a single episode of unprotected sex? Absolutely. It has happened before and will happen again. And people have also been hit by lightning or planes crashing into their houses and more will in the future, but that doesn’t mean everyone is at high risk for getting hit every time they hear thunder or a plane flying overhead

Think about all the episodes of unprotected sex that occurred in the United States, in just the last week. Now project that out to a full year. We’re talking millions and million of episodes. Do you think the diagnostic testing capacity of the United States could handle such a load if everyone tested after single episodes? Not a chance (9). Would such testing have any measurable effect on the HIV epidemic? Not at all, not when only a handful of people -at most, probably none at all- would be expected to get infected from such low risk exposures (10).

Now if you are reading this and think that I am advocating unprotected sex- you’ve missed the entire point of this article! If someone accidentally puts themselves at higher risk for getting hit by lightning, is telling that person that they were still at relatively low risk an advocation that they repeat their behavior? While people should not worry about an individual lapse in judgment, it is equally important that they learn from their mistakes and not put themselves at risk in the future. Doing so repeatedly will inevitably lead to more HIV anxiety, STDs, unwanted pregnancy, and potentially turn a few moments of pleasure into a significant problem, potentially of life changing importance.

The bottom line: there is no need to punish yourself with worry over a single lapse in judgment or a condom break accident. Your course of action should be:

1. Take steps to commit to using condoms consistently in the future, before any penetration has occurred and with plenty of lube to minimize the chance of breakage- do so and you will have nothing to worry about. Keep them handy so that next time you are in a situation when you may need them you are prepared. You are ultimately responsible for your own health and well being.
2. Get regular HIV and STD tests every 1-2 years, fully expecting negative results. If you are still concerned about an individual exposure that is driving you crazy with paranoia and anxiety, then you need to get tested for your own psychological well being. But don’t sweat it. Your result will be negative.



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Avatar universal
by onemansstand, Jun 14, 2009
I needed to see this. Thank you for this article. I'm probably just having a fever from staying up 24 hours on the regular playing online poker or caught something in the casino rather than HIV. I'll get tested anyway.... scary as it is but I feel a lot better after reading that. I swear I saw this girls ad on craigslist after looking at a pic she had but even still if only 1% of commercial Sex Workers have HIV then I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not itching so..... we'll see. I'll cross my fingers and if I'm good will not make the same mistake and believe everything a girl says because she makes me feel 'special'.

480448 tn?1426948538
by nursegirl6572, Jun 15, 2009
I feel it is important to mention that while the chances of getting HIV from one episode of unprotected sex may be low...the risk is not zero.....and testing IS adviseable.  Just think of it this way.....if per the recommendations in this journal...a one-time episode of unsafe sex leads to infection and the person thinks it is okay to wait a year or TWO to test....and then goes on to have unsafe sex with others.....many many many people could end up infected.  THAT is how the virus is spread, after all.

So, while one may not need to lose a lot of sleep over one bad judgement call.....suggesting that testing is not necessary is irresponsible.

Avatar universal
by Vance2335, Jun 15, 2009
Another great piece of writing. Great job, keep these up, not only do they help people fearful but also help those who like education.

389974 tn?1331015242
by swampcritter, Jun 15, 2009
This is a great article -- but if HIV is so difficult to transmit, why is heterosexual transmission of HIV so high in Africa?

Avatar universal
by joggen, Jun 15, 2009

I made a pretty clear recommendation that condoms should be worn consistently with future sex partners. I did not suggest unsafe sex with even one person, let alone, "many many many" people, so if someone decides to do that, they certainly didn't get the idea from me.  

Also, I am not aware of any medical authority that recommends HIV testing after individual exposures based on risk criteria, unless there is a clear risk factor involved. Everything I've read indicates that the recommendations are based on intervals. The length of the interval is based on the person's risk. For most people, just an annual test is recommended (but someone with an average of 1 sex partner per year can test every two years). For people at the most risk (MSM), testing every three months is recommended. Even the porn industry doesn't test after each new partner; actors get tested every 30 days.

I consider Dr. Handsfield, the CDC, and the Mayo Clinic all to be responsible authorities and I see no need to tell people they need testing on a more frequent basis than what these authorities advise, _based on their individual risk_(underlined for emphasis). At the same time, I think it makes perfect sense for people to test to address persistent anxiety and doubts that aren't commensurate with the situation. While most people who come to this site probably need to test for anxiety relief, I think it does them a disservice to make any suggestion that encourages or inflates their already unrealistic perception of their individual risk.


Avatar universal
by esoj77, Jun 19, 2009
A person I had sex with was once an injection drug user and Joggen emailed me this after my posting---I walked into the clinic with her and she got tested and came back ok--She also slept with someone I deem to be hi risk---he doesnt use condoms and may be Bi--I found out later--had her tested about 5-6 weeks after they last slept together--I did not have full on sex---just would dip and that was it then oral---I saw when she walked out of the test---it was 20 minutes exactly she was ok she told me in front of the tester--he shook my hand (happens to be the guy who tested me neg a few weeks back.) and we were on our way--then I started thinking if she was POZ he couldnt tell me etc...She has not shot up in 3-5 years---turned her life around--so this has been my paranoia--I started feeling achy today--10 days after--but no fever--STD center said if she was positive --she would have been in there a lot longer than 20 minutes---confirmatory test and paper work--would of been in there an hour....After that had another exposure--again--oral---and just dipping very brief half my penis in--thats it--

Avatar universal
by Trytor, Jul 24, 2009
Well, whereas i cannot fully garantee that one single sex encounter with an infected person is not enough to transmit the virus, i think we need to consider some more facts, for instance is the man circumcised.There are cases when a man who aint circucised gets multiple bruises on thier penis even if the the escapade is done once.A circumscised man stands more chances of survival and i think the uncircumcised counterpart stands a higher risk.Iam no medic, but ladies and gentlemen, i suggest we get alittle more microscopic about these realities if we are to chant a factual way forward.

It should be noted however that, it is possible to have sex with an infectd person and you dont contract the virus, but who knows even 0.001% chance is not 0% chance.God bless you friends.

Avatar universal
by scaredbeyondbelief226, Jul 26, 2009
i really needed to see this article, i know i messed up and im never going to make the same mistake again and i'm extremely worried but this has just eased the nerves a little bit

Avatar universal
by Ogagbako, Aug 02, 2009
Relief came to me after reading this article. I've made a mistake over 2 days back for having sex with a prostitute for being drunk and without protection. Because of being drunk, the sex for me was disappointing meaning I did not have a fully erection and there was no chance to put on a condom.

It was a lame sex..being a prostitute she did her best to give me a hard on by oral sex. So in return i give her an oral too.

I tried so hard to put my penis in her and I feel I have succeeded but only from the head of my small, non-fully erect penis. After having not more ten pumps I had an orgasm but only from the outside her vagina.

I told my story to my Nurse friends and I got ridiculed and giving situations that only makes me paranoid and anxious. Well I don't know if their telling the truth or just joking with me. But after I read this article I feel relax now but still going for the test.

My only concern is my wife...we had sex the next morning..HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID...How I wish I'm not infected by my wrong doing...

Avatar universal
by itsthejackal, Sep 16, 2009
Thanks J. you have no idea the amount of relief you have brought with this article. Atleast I can live in somewhat peace for the next 3 months before I test rather than die each day. I have been in a monogamous relationship all my life. Only last week under the influence of my friends I visited a masseuse who were supposed to be elite prostitutes in mumbai. They were fairly expensive for the place and were proud that they test all the girls once a month. The girl I had  sex with said she was negative in a test she did 3 weeks back. Although I took the precautions, during the act the condom tore and since then I have been totally terified. The online forums were scaring the **** out of me. Each one with the same advise that i always knew. However nobody giving any solace for someone trying to have protected sex but things going wrong there.

1041472 tn?1357229914
by Trinifool, Sep 16, 2009
Dont wrry you will be ok my freind

Avatar universal
by antirisktaker, Sep 27, 2009
This is a great article.  I was scared as well for an incident that happened to me but I am also someone who gets over-anxious with any risk i take.  Sounds like I am not alone.  Either way, I think the clear message of this article is to use common sense with the choices you make but at the same time, we are all vulnerable to human mistakes and should not torture ourselves for them when it is absolutely not necessary.  The media tends to play the scare tactic game and advertises statics that support our fears and not the ones that challenge them.

Avatar universal
by worriedwithanxiety, Sep 30, 2009
Thanks for this article. I recently had unprotected vaginal sex with two women simultaneously. A threesome pretty much.... I was drunk and stupid!

I have spent over $1,000 on testing since then... and it's been three weeks now. Two PCR-DNA tests - waiting on the 2nd result.

Both women went to planned parenthood and both tested negative after the experience. Primarily because of me freaking out - in return freaked them out and long story short, reverse psychology made them get tested.

I know my chances are even lower now... and all of my symptoms are most likely a result of stress, anxiety and a regular flu/cold that has been going around.

For anyone going through this, let's learn from our mistakes and not put ourselves in situations like this again.

J- What do you think the chances are now?

Avatar universal
by abx20, Oct 10, 2009
yes i appreciate the article i deffinitely have a std from the symtoms, most likely warts but to know i wont die from it makes me feel alot better with less stress, i appreciate it!

Avatar universal
by nervousinillinois, Oct 20, 2009
Thank you for this.  I have made very few minor mistakes, but for whatever reason I have been obsessing over them.  Reading this brings me back down to earth.  I've discussed my concerns with my friends (educated college professionals) and they even think I'm strange for worrying about intimate sessions that didn't even involve sex.  But for some reason, coming on this forum, asking my question to the world, brings me peace.
Sometimes I think there is too much information on the internet (accurate or not), but it tends to be very vague and as we all know sex and foreplay can be a complicated thing with endless possibilities and things that can go wrong (or very right), so its easy to get caught up in questions of what if?  Especially if the what if is a life threatening disease.  
I read on your profile Joggin, that you used to have some anxiety with HIV, how did you overcome it, or at what point did you seek help.  I am just very interested in your story.
Thanks :-)

Avatar universal
by rogermaris, May 05, 2010
on the comment of putting 1 in a million into perspective the reason that contracting HIV is still so scary is
that you don't know after 3 months of possible dangerous exposure.

all the scenarios painted by Joggen are not scary to a person because they are instant events.

for example, getting killed by a firearm has not happened and you don't feel scared until its too late when
you get killed.

with HIV the event has happened and you can't tell whether you have "died" or not

i am to stressing over next 2-3 months until i find out.

comments appreciated.

Avatar universal
by veryscaredandworried26, May 05, 2010
Good article, but if the person has a high risk factor (being from Nigeria), if the odds are not 1 in a million, what are they? :-/ Thanks

Avatar universal
by SDbroker101, May 23, 2010
Great article, but what is the chance of contracting HIV from unprotected oral sex?  I have been with 5 prostitutes who performed oral sex on me...that's it.  I know I am stupid, but what are my chances?

Avatar universal
by dale81, May 24, 2010
Great Article,
But even after reading the article still i am under the anxiety whether i am infected or not, the reason is  I went to a pub on Saturday night at Kuala Lumpur and i was drunk and i went out the night with SEX WORKER,  and she put the condom on me and we went on after i ejaculated i took it out  and found the condom was not there, and immediately she pulled out frm her vagina, I was not sure whether it got slipped after the ejaculation or not, nor i did not check the condom which was pulled out, i am now very scared whether is it possible to contract with HIV, what is the possible to check immediately before three months. Any kind of information will be giving me a peace of mind. Kindly reply...


Avatar universal
by joggen, May 24, 2010
This is a journal- if you want a personal risk assessment then post in one of the HIV forums.

Avatar universal
by Tshisa, Jun 06, 2010
I slept with my man on the 02 and 15 April this year withoought condom,  we went to test on 05 May and he came back positive with Cd4 count of 161 and i was negative.
is there any chances that i will be negative when i go back.
After that sex i was burning like hell. do you think i am infected?


Avatar universal
by mba1976, Jul 31, 2010
Your article is great but I have some comments on it
"the prevalence of HIV in people without these risk factors is extremely low- less than 1 in 1000 people"

In the case of italy (developed country)
Population: 60.000.000
HIV+AIDS Cases: 180.000

Population/(HIV+AIDS Cases) = 333

Correction factor: Population considered should be only the sexually active (aged >16 and <70)

If you consider this ... your odds are more than 1 in 1000 people!

Avatar universal
by joggen, Jul 31, 2010
In the heterosexual, non-IV drug abusing population the prevalence is less than 1 in 1000.

Avatar universal
by heese, Aug 02, 2010
i was very OCD about HIV growing up,  i spent over 3,000 dolars on different test, and i spent days  on the computer researching everything i could about HIV. the worse part was i never had sex. stupid things would happen and made me think  what if their was a cut and then this  and the, and this person could have had another virus which would increase the chance and on and on. i findly got over it after about 8 years. i am only saying this because i hope somebody out there who is going through this might stumble across and know that your not alone. also, never ever look up any information about HIV more than the basic info, trust me. i had a testing counselor tell me this, and i did not listen. thanks for the article, .

Avatar universal
by kofibenfrancise, Feb 02, 2011
thank you for this article,i had sex with a street prostitute and after i ejaculated the woman told me there was a problem with the condom, and when checked, i realised there was a leakage just under the head o f my penis, i was so terrified but after reading this article, i gathered some courage to go for hiv test, and it came out negative but that was only after six weeks.
the doctor told me to come for another test in 12 weeks time.please can any one explain to me my chances of not getting hiv in 12 weeks time.

Avatar universal
by worried55594, Jul 20, 2011
I'm still worried...

Avatar universal
by worriedsick452, Aug 11, 2011
This, and Dr. Hansfield's recommendation, calmed a lot of my fears. I had sex with an Asian massage worker and the condom broke. Dr. H didn't see the need for testing and the stats back it up. And as you alluded to, I'll NEVER go do something so stupid, even if I was initially being safe, again! Thank you!

Avatar universal
by Durapills, Sep 18, 2011
Nice odds haha.

Avatar universal
by amf70, Oct 26, 2011
Is that why 40,000 people are diagnosed with HIV annually? I don't think so. And I'm pretty sure they're all detected so don't listen to ventalation. What I'm genuinely concerned about is a strain of HIV that is currently unknown, or a new std virus like hpv that we've yet to discover. God only knows what I have possibly exposed myself and my boyfriend to.

Avatar universal
by RainLover71, Oct 27, 2011
To amf70,your thinking is irrational,there are no unknown strains of HIV.And there are no new STD,s either.12 weeks is when you can obtain a conclusive result for Hiv.Forget about odds and percentages because they mean nothing.

Avatar universal
by flamekiller, May 02, 2012
I think this article gives a lot of comfort, but what if on that single exposure you had bruises on your foreskin, how much does that inrease your chances of getting HIV?

Avatar universal
by Vance2335, May 02, 2012
Flamekiller if you have a question then post in the forum.

Avatar universal
by 100a, May 31, 2012
Hi ,am a male.
i have had 6 sex partners in my entire life and i have always used protection.
4 months ago i had an unprotected exposure with an unknown status woman.
i was inside her for 4 minutes and then went to get the condom and when i got back she said it was fine without it so i am stupid enough i decided not to wear it.

after day that the next day i had kidney stones and i was taking voltarol for about a month ago when i got pain in my belly cause of them...

after 1 month after the exposure i got a rash in my groin which i think it is a jock itch and lasted 2 days max. no other symptoms.after the 3 months i started to think about this and started to panik reading everything on the internet.. after reading what the symptoms where i thought i had them all swollen lymph nodes and everything , i still do... I have read that the possibility is almost zero.. so i went to test and i am waiting for my results but i am really scared.... any opinions on this ???

Avatar universal
by joggen, Jun 03, 2012

This is not the Q&A forum. Post in the forum.

Avatar universal
by gangan690, Feb 04, 2013

This post is really an amazing one to get rid of the anxiety and learn from the mistakes. Please for god sake, don't even use alcohol before you go into a massage parlor with an intension to have sex. This can drive you crazy and make you commit mistakes. I had similar experience , but ensured that i used protection inspite of being under the influence of alcohol. Sex know no barriers whether you are educated, well behaved and a good person, one crazy mistake can suck you to the core. Its all about being healthy or not being. I had 3 encounters after drinking in 3 days and i remember having used condoms. But you never know, some one who can turn saddist and expose you to risky environment.
My sincere request to all the readers is that, if you decide to have sex with an unknown person or prostitute please protect yourself or be away from it. It is a really physcological battle which you would have not fought for your life.
I am some what comfortable after reading this article and would request all the youngsters to be away from the dangerous acts like these. Our life is much more precious than these acts.

Avatar universal
by Sexyblinks, Mar 08, 2013
Just yesterday i had an unprotected sex with an hiv positive lady who has been hiv positive for very long, it was the 1st sex i ever had all my life & it lasted for only 3 minutes i ejaculated inside her & the uretha of my pennis is very wild & also i was circumcised four times by four different nurses because of a mistake the 1st one made so i have no foreskin on my pennis at all , i didnt even feel anything when i was having sex with her because my penis was too short to reach the extend of my clitoris i ejacolated inside her & the sex only lasted for 3 minutes so please tell me please what are my chances of contacting the disease

Avatar universal
by joggen, Mar 08, 2013

This is a journal, not a forum. Please post in the forum.

Avatar universal
by van80135, Mar 09, 2013
what are the chances of hiv transmission with precum only in vaginal sex from a single episode. it happened 8 years ago. i was in a relationship with ex boyfriend that time. i do not have any symptoms since then, only stress and worry. I remember i was ill years ago with sore throat for 3 days(3 years after we broke up) and i had high white blood count. searching on the internet is very stressfull cause some say precum only in vaginal sex is not risky, others say it has the same risk.

Avatar universal
by sunshine071, Mar 31, 2013
Thank God for this article. I know that it's a few years old, but it helped to ease my mind some. I met this guy online about 3 months ago and the conversation was very nice. It was time to meet in person to make sure there was still a connection.  Of course I asked for his last two HIV test and I brought mine as well, but I was still not taken a chance to have unprotected sex. Needless to say, we never got around to sharing the results. Before we even started, "no condom, no loving". I gave him the condom from my bag, he ripped opened the package as if he was putting on the condom.  Guess what? He never put the condom on. He didn't ejaculate inside of me, but there's no guarantee about the precum. Although I have read about the viral load playing a factor.  I flew in that day to meet him and flew out that same day when I discovered what he had done.

Yes many will say that I overreacted, but a person doesn't have the right to make such a selfish decision for another. This was a learning experience, that you can't trust anyone to make the right descion for your life. Women put your own store brought condom on him/or watch him. And throughout the sexual encounter make sure it's still in place. I said, God please put my mind at ease and this was the first article that came up. I'm still going to get tested next month, because I'm due for my annual. This happened after two years of being celibacy.

We can all learn from one another's stupid mistakes.  This was a true learning experience for me and I hope that I was able to help someone.  

Avatar universal
by worried333333, May 02, 2013
I did not think about HIV because we had condoms. But now I had my  physical and pap was dx with postive HPV the virus that causes carvical cancer. I will be getting a bx done. Think aabout everything!

Avatar universal
by worried1981512, Sep 14, 2013
Fantastic article. I have been going through HIV hell for about 4 months now and have read this many times. I know a 1 in a million risk is good odds that most people should be comfortable with. However, when it comes to HIV those odds are still not good enough for many. I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman 4 months ago. Since then I had 3 negative antibody tests at 4 weeks, 7 weeks and 11.5 weeks. I am currently waiting on results from 15 week test. I calculate my chance of infection at about 1 in 5 million or so and STILL cannot rest easy.

I think that having forums to openly discuss topics like this are necessary to help us work through our fears.

I disagree with ONE aspect of the comment "there is never a downside to getting tested." Waiting 2+ weeks for the result is a definite downside.

Avatar universal
by Hello1256969, Dec 13, 2014
Yes a great article. I had one instance with another man about 4 months agoI stupidly put my penis in his anus for about 30 seconds before I seen sense and put on a condom.  But a few weeks later I had diarrhoea and was sick with it just the once. Since then I have felt ok. Sometimes get the sneezes.  But I have got some quite big spots on my fave. They do have the normal heads on them but quite lumpy to touch. Worried.

Avatar universal
by praying4negative, May 02, 2015
About 4 months ago I had vaginal sex with a man that I've known for years. It started out as protected sex and later he took the condom off. He did not *** inside me. Last week we had vaginal sex for the 2nd time which once again started out with a condom and later took it off & did not *** inside me.. AFTER these two encounters with him, he confessed to me that he has been HIV positive for over 20 years but is on ART and has a very low viral load..  Winter just passed and this passed winter just like every year as a chronic asthmatic I got very sick a few times but nothing any different than any other time I've been sick and my son caught every cold I got also.. I dont recall any swollen lymph nodes, no night sweats, and the only fever i had was when i had kidney infection. Is it possibly that I did not catch HIV from him?

Avatar universal
by Shaanhunk, Jun 03, 2015
I had unprotected sex with 3 gfs of mine. I tested negative 1 year back. But now i see rash on my penis does it mmean hiv or could be a thrush only.

Avatar universal
by Donut_hearted, Jul 04, 2015
Thnk you for this article. I'm a pretty promiscuous woman , and I've had unprotected sex a handful of times with 3 different men. I know that's risky behavior and I started to feel really anxious, 1st about herpes which is reasonable but then my fear moved to hiv. I went I got an std check this past week but the results won't be in for a couple of weeks.  So in order to ease my fear so I wouldn't be stressing while I wait for results I took the oraquick hiv test at home. I tested negative, but this only eased my fear for a day bc I read about false negatives.  I think I might have OCD bc I can't stop thinkin about it, but this article has helped me somewhat. Also I had a full chck this last January and was clean so the chances of contracting hiv are prob low. Smh I'm an anxious mess and I can't wait for my results

Avatar universal
by Donut_hearted, Jul 04, 2015
@prayingfornegative that's horrible! Why would he wait until afterwards to tell you? This is like my worst fear

Avatar universal
by Triplesauce32, Jan 12, 2016
Good read

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by Melsy9129, Feb 17, 2016
I just wanted to say that this article and another members post made me feel so much better. I was promiscuous 5 years ago with 12 people. I had sexual relations with one of them continuously and the others were random acts. I contracted trichomoniasis shortly after some of the random acts so I think I was tested for other stds as well because I remember receiving a paper in the mail from my doctor that said I was negative for everything except trichomoniasis. I have been monogamous with one guy for almost 5 years now and have no symptoms of everything though I might get tested for HIV next time just for my personal reassurance. He had been tested 2 years into our relationship and it was negative so I think that goes in my favor. I don't know why I just started freaking out about possibly having HIV without knowing it, I was fine before. I should be OK though right?

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by Kid19, Mar 23, 2016
Thanks, it is a relief, I had unprotected sex with positive partner one it was not fully but since then all hiv symptoms including oral thrushoral.  I tested ft three months after the exposure  but negative but still convinced  am positive. I pray that everything is goes well

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by Moejordan, May 25, 2016
You put a smile on my face while reading.. Thanks so much! And thank you guys for the positive comments!
I'll have my test next week! Wish me luck!

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by arkashlucas, Aug 02, 2016
this article got me relieve somehow .I  had condom break incident in 17 days ago with  sex worker i couldn't sleep for like 1 week and had so anxieties  after it  .I've been taking PreP to prevent HIV infection after 20 hr of incident .Please wish me for the best of luck ! I'll make tests result after 1 and half month ,  3 months . i hope i'll stay as Negative .

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by alleyyyyoop, Aug 31, 2016
I literally made an account just to write a thank you on this post

You have no IDEA how much this has probably helped people, especially with WebMD out here having everyone thinking that they're dying as soon as they sneeze or cough lol

I have high anxiety re: HIV and this just helped me destress after a long day of worry.  Thanks again :)

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by scaredandpep, Nov 18, 2016
How would you explain the high prevalence of hetrosexual hiv infection in Africa? (Not shooting down your article, just curious). And what are your thoughts regarding PEP? (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)

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by paraniodude, Mar 08, 2017
This is a good and reassuring article to many who have been hit by paranoia post unprotected sex with someone with unknown hiv status.  I too had unprotected sex with sex-worker 10 days back and was completely immersed in guilt, fear and paranoia since cuz i dont know her std infection state. I read through multiple articles and paid for advices online and consulted 4 doctors over 2 weeks, finally i went for P24 and RNA tests to confirm my status. To ensure someone can benefit in future from the stupid mistakes we all do in life... i thought of sharing couple of key inputs which might help ease the worry.

While there is always a risk of being infected with hiv (less likely for vaginal intercourse) there is a PEP treatment within 72 hours of unprotected sex with a confirmed hiv +ve partner. This is a 29 days medication which is awful but can restrict hiv infection by 90% roughly. Also there is a early detection test called NAT (Nucleic acid testing) with 100% accuracy and can be taken within 5 days (is quite costly) ... other early detection tests include PCR, RNA, P24... which i have taken and waiting for test results.

I agree with the article, which btw is quite old... most doctors advised me to worry about more infectious STD which , though are curable ... i'm most likely to get.

All in all, people... safe sex is best sex. USE A CONDOM everytime you have sex.

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by Dangsanglang, Aug 09, 2019
What about with transgender? One time?
Condom slipped or may have broke? And tested negative 9 months post exposure with Oraquick?

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by Complexindie88, Oct 31, 2019
I am HIV positive and also infected with hsv 2. I had a risky encounter with a friend of mine that is uncircumcised and I still have anxiety over it. My doctor said he should be fine because we always use condoms but it was one incident when he wanted to take the condom off and at that time I had ran out of meds but I started them back immediately after that. He hasn't had any symptoms except he complained about his neck and his back was hurting him but he suffers with MS and he also pops molly and take percocets recreationally and he smokes weed. He had an instance of diarrhea once but that was a couple months after the incident. I mentioned to him he should go get tested but he feels he is ok. I told him this isn't something to take lightly because given my situation you could possibly be infected. But I had an undetectable result a month after the incident which doesn't mean anything but I just hope he is ok because the last thing I want is for him to be infected. I should have just said no that day and kept moving because I don't want him to blame me for this when he knew the risk.

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