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It all comes together in the end!

Apr 29, 2008 - 1 comments


I am getting a colon and endoscopy tomorrow. Been on liquid diet since yesterday,
I get to see the hep specialist pshyciatrist at 2 today, an appointment that was a surprise to me. I had to reschedule an appointment with my neurologist today, I also have essential tremors(heredited from my moms side of the family).
If I didn't see the pshy. today it would have been 2 weeks before another appt could have been made. I didn't want to delay anything any longer, the sooner I start tx the better.

I was stressed about being overwhelmed by all these dr. appts. but I prayed about it and now it all is coming together,

Have a appt. with endocrinologist Thursday, It is all good!

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by Wassup, May 19, 2008
Hi Headshop, Welcome to the happy heppy club. We call ourselves the Dragon Slayers, our HCV is the Dragon.  WE all seem to start off telling each other : our VL, Viral Load, (mine is 4,100,000), our GT, (genotype), Mine is 1a.  my liver is @ stage 3 (of 4, 4 being cirrhosis).  The liver is the only organ that can actually heal itself.  It's good that you are clean and sober for a year + now.  (Me too).  

It took me a whole year +++ from diagnosis til I started TX. I did my first shot on 5-12.  The waiting was the worst.  I just wanted to hurry up and start getting rid of my virus.  But Hep C is a slow growing disease.  My NP said that blood used for transfusions wasn't screened before 1992, and I had several transfusions during surgeries before then, and probably got HCV then. Please don't feel like the Lone Ranger, by going through all the tests.  We all have to do that!! BT's(blood tests) and more BT's.  Endoscopy, colonoscopy, Liver BX, (biopsy). So, welcome to the hurry up and wait club.  I'm surprised that you haven't been greeted and welcomed before now.  Wassup with that????  Best of luck with your journey, feel free to sent me a note or msg. if I can be of any help, or just to listen.  It'll all come together just as naturally as the river flows to the sea.  Hugs, Ant B  

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