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Kidney stones??

Apr 29, 2008 - 3 comments

im a 26 year old male 5'11 185 lbs lean with a pudgy belly...recently i have been getting pains in my left lower back and it travels to my groin this time on the right side and feels now like a dull ache in my right testicle. no fever or nausea with these conditions but a "warm" sensation when urinating, stream is weak and color is mildy yellow. Could this be a kidney stone stuck in my bladder or is there another cause. Any help is greatly appreciated

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by vetbaby, Apr 30, 2008
chances are it is kidney stones go to the doctor i had the same problem last april i waited until june to go to the do ctor next thing i know i had to have stints put in then a month later i had to have my kidney scraped out because my stones were to big to pass it very painful but thr doc can give you some good drugs for the pain best of luck to you they also say drinking lemon juice can help you pass the stones

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by dwd31892, Mar 05, 2011
I have a kidney stone and the pains move down my hips to my left testicle and it has sharrp pains but there is no swelling or lumps  the doctor said my testicles seem perfectly fine but i was diagnosed and foubd with a small kidney stone my urine is a darker color and i dont pee much wen i urinate but the testicle pain is unbearable im unsure if my kidney stone is causing this or not can some one provide some imformation?

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by batuflu, Aug 17, 2016
i past the stone when i was doing my urine now i have pian in my balls what itis this

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