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Dec 09, 2013 - 1 comments

my little ones turn 1 tomorrow. I remember last year at this time...I wasnt even in labor yet, not true labor. Now they are little people, full of personality. Casey loves his books and is more quiet and cautious than his sister. He studies how drawers and door function, and is enjoying the large legos set we bought him. Tonight (we swear) he said "all done" when finished with his diner. Ana is my buddy these days. She is saucy and not at all cautious. She is always in my lap and says a lot - she is very much the talker. And, she is so sweet, but slightly defiant too. We agree that we are going to be in trouble one day.
While we had much trouble the first round and are in no way financial stable enough to consider a 3rd child realistically, reflection of this night last year makes me miss the pregnancy and birthing journey. What an exciting time that was. I hope that my children stay healthy, and I have been so blessed. Perhaps in another couple of years we will try again, but without fertility treatment and lots of Maca powder.  

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by Ellen038, Dec 09, 2013
Happy Birthday Casey & Ana!!

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