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Ladrones!! Monos!!  Monkeys came to steal bananas !

Dec 12, 2013 - 1 comments






Nice overcast am to groom doggie. She's still getting loads of ticks, but the NEEM oil is preventing them from burrowing.  Next week Roger ( my Ranch guy comes back when Husband flys away) Roger will give her another Buzz cut. That'll help. Spray w Neem & soap around the house too!
   So. Too bad I didn't have camera phone. Monkeys came really close. Now I hear them out there, Monkey Fight !!
We cut banana plant down when harvesting bananas. Then hang them in the apartment. Monkeys are clever. They get on the roof & reach thier arm over to steal bananas.
    Mother banana plant we cut, grows a side shoot for the next years banana. We have 5 types. Maybe 25 plants in all. Next wet season God willing, we'll do more planting. I'm still recovering from Psychotic Episode. Or Nervous Breakdown. Now I'm on the farewell taper. So this is my priority. Maxy

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by ROSYouralright, Dec 12, 2013
Me encantan tus historias!! EN SERIO! ¡Qué hermosa vida!

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