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Dec 12, 2013 - 0 comments

Still not sure if Crestor is what I want the whole idea of pushing Cholesterol levels down to very low levels seems to be against the natural quantity the body is designed to produce. The knock-on effects in terms of changes in the way the liver deals with fats and sugars is also some thing that needs careful consideration. My feeling is that its better to protect the new arteries with anti-inflammatory nutrition which would prevent the cholesterol from entering the arterial wall in the first place.
Further research shows that some researchers have made a risk correlation between the ratio of C Reactive Protein (inflammation) : Total Cholesterol (Lipids). The ratio seems to be able to predict if the risk lies in one of 4 bands

1) Low
2) Medium  
3) Medium / high
4) High

I suspect this is why the Drs wanted me to reduce the cholesterol by a three quartersso my risk would be in the lowest quartile. However it doesn't account for why this ratio makes the prediction possible and others such as CRP : LDL or HDL don't, which would seem logical if the LDL is supposed to be so bad. I suspect that the reason for this ratio works is because higher levels of Cholesterol will attract higher doses of Statin and this would reduce the inflammation to a greater degree thus pushing the risk down.

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