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Pill taking Triggers

Dec 13, 2013 - 2 comments

There is something weirdly stressful about the day Don E comes back & when he leaves for work. This am he left for his big trip back to China. Between 5am &now 10 am I've taken 3 pills. I didn't get them out of Taper Container ( where they are cut up & counted,I took them out of bottle. Right like I'm tricking myself.  I will still be on track- 2 1/2 pills till tomorrow.  I feel like the dieter that ate 1/2 the cake. May as well eat the other 1/2 now.   I told husband I may extend visa in Panama & stay here. He wondered if I would have enough pain pills.  I was concerned about buying more Bipolar meds. They are expensive here & my USA ins doesn't cover CR.     I'm in main house. Hate my new painting.  May paint a new one on the back. Was looking at some work 2009,I think I'm getting worse.   I should be happy. Roger is here. I'm going to start tutoring his son in English. Roger is processing fresh coconut & he'll make Coconut rice milk pudding. Then we can put some in the upper hse fridge for when I return to Art Studio. Haven't heard from Psychologist.  He's jealous of me. Not my mental health,just jealous probably cuz he has to stay in the city & work. I am able to look out over the ocean all day & listen to the waves crashing at night.  But in reality nothing to be jealous. I have to figure a way out of pain pill landia, struggle w bipolar & Agrophobia. He just sits in his chair & listens. Spends free time billing insurance company's.   I've not been jealous of anybody or anything. Thank God for that. Ok. That's it.

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by ROSYouralright, Dec 13, 2013
I'm kinda envious myself...
sounds like a beautiful, laid back life!

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by 89NotAgain, Dec 13, 2013
Pill taking triggers, anger, aching heart.  Last but not least Pain! I would give both my ovaries for a 400 mg Lyrica. Is that asking too much? Uh yeah, my ovaries are likely "raisinettes" so there goes that! Lmao!

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