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Chocolate Fountain .. a Choice ..

Jun 16, 2009 - 2 comments















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At my second cousin's wedding, they had a chocolate fountain and candy table that I made a conscious decision to partake in (thought about it and made the choice and accepted responsibility I may gain a pound).  Didn't eat too too much .. but it bumped me up the pound.

Now .. that pound is sticking like glue.  Oh well, just have to move more!!!  

PS - It didn't taste as good as being 1 lb thinner felt.

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by TrudieC, Jun 16, 2009
Hate it when it isn't worth it!  Wish I didn't know how to cook some days...

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by JenB12, Jun 16, 2009
Hi! :)

I just came across your post and i wanted to mention something here. I'm a bit of a math person so i thought i'd share....

Don't beat your self up over having a little chocolate at a special occasion... yes it might cause a small set back but you most likely did not gain a whole lb of fat! :)

They say there are 3500 calories in one Lb of fat... and so to gain a whole lb of fat you'd have to eat the equivalent of 20 + full sized hershey or snickers bars.....

One beer is probably just as bad as one chocolate bar....

Eating one full sized candy bar lets say at 200 calories, would probably be the equivalent of speed walking for 30 mins on the treadmill.

Never underestimate water weight! That could definitely explain losing a lb, gaining a lb and then finally losing it for good....

Good luck and your journals are great! :)

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