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Jun 16, 2009 - 2 comments




Tis be another day in the life of Jan, seem to be coping better, still tired, a little edgy sometimes, and it seems like every darn day I am craving the stuff in my head, my head tells me gee if you took one you would feel so much better and be able to accomplish so much more than you are right now, but I know it's all a big freaking lie. I'm able to do a little more each day and that's a good thing. Sleeping much better and longer hours now, but still get up three times a night to go potty. I have docs apt again on Friday to start new diet for liver function and see if I can get that cleared up and on the mend, other than that I am still waiting for my ship to come in. What's not to love about that smile from my daughter, that carries me through my long long days as well as all or you...Thank you so much.

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by jimi1822, Jun 16, 2009

                Your the best =0) Thank You for this inspiring post. Your daughter has a smile of pure light....

                                                                                    much Love, much Health, much Wellness, much light....

                                                                                                                                          <3 jimi (little wing =0) <3

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by navymom08, Jun 19, 2009
Thanks for the compliment, I will smile like that everyday if that what it takes for my Mother to get better...Love,Elaine

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