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Jun 16, 2009 - 19 comments

Multiple symptoms

I have questioned these variations due to undesired symptoms.  My BP & HR (all resting) can be anywhere from  98/65  64 to 167/103 102.  I don't get white coat symptoms at the doctors office.  I take Diazide/Maxide (for BP/HR and edema), Lopressor (for BP/HR)and low dose aspirin (for atrial septal aneurysm) along with Lipitor (for high hsCRP).  

I get lightheaded often no matter where my level seems to be.  It's odd when it is low it feels like it is pounding like crazy.  I have checked it at home thinking it would be high and it is not.  Then other times it is a regular 120 some over 80 some with an 80 some heart rate in which is perfect.  Lately it has been riding a little high but then other days it sinks.  I only check it when I'm feeling rough or when my weekly reminder tells me to.  

On a treadmill test I reach my max. rate within a minute or two so it jumps really fast.  The good news is it falls right back down.  So it is working right.  

My problem is with the symptoms all the time of being lightheaded, blurred vision, heavy arms, legs, chest and headaches and palps and/or chest pains.  Last oxygen level check was 92.  My echocardiogram was pretty good last year and even though my EF has dropped from 73% down to 52% all is still within range.  

My glucose numbers have been under control (been keeping them between 80-110) and thyroid issues are ok too I believe....(Insurance does not cover the FT3 or FT4 just TSH and T4)  What can be causing this to happen?  Any clues????????

I have a doctors appointment on Friday for womanly issues.  Should I bring my BP and HR issues up to her too at this appt. or is it possible that this is normal changes for me?  

Will be scheduled for a U/S of thyroid recheck for certain and possibly a CT of my stomach due to pains and bloating ~3 out of every 4 weeks.  

Very confused and frustrated with BP/HR issues (with symptoms listed above), womanly issues (cyst), hair thinning out, coughing that makes me run out of breath and/or vomit, back pain, and all over pain issues threw out my body and spasms (usually just happen in winter months)..  

Any clues or advice welcome.  I have no idea where on here to even post any more.  ;~/

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by ireneo, Jun 16, 2009
That's a fairly low oxygen level. Any idea why?

When you feel light-headed, what's the BP? I know BP can jump up and down all day long depending on many factors. I find that if I'm feeling light-headed, feels like I have sand bags tied to my arms and legs, it's when my BP is running on the low side. Do you have the same pattern?

I don't understand why your BP is bouncing around so much when you're on meds though.

Have you been checked for other auto immune problems, something other than thyroid? Perhaps lupus? Sorry if you've mentioned that already.

Do mention these things to your doctor when you go in again. I don't know if the gyne will have much to offer but each doctor you see has a different perspective and may think of something different. I went in with complaints I thought were heart related. Turned out to be an ovarian cyst. Boy, was I way off track.

Take care.   irene

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by Me967, Jun 16, 2009
My oxygen level has always been pretty much on the low side.  Maybe due to COPD?

My Family doctor is the only doctor I have unless she sends me to a different one for further investigations.  (Example cardiologist or pulmonary).  

I have the heart medicine listed above.  For thyroid I take levothyroxine and for diabetes I changed up the way I eat a little and pay attention to "not" skipping meals anymore.

As for the heavy feeling in my arms and legs and BP and HR....there seems to be no rhyme or reason.  Unfortunately the lightheaded spells are getting much worse and my vision is blurring more often.

I'm questioning something in my stomach or girly area.  The bloating and pressure is back again.  If it is cyst related maybe they are leaking or busting or something making me feel light headed maybe...?????   I don't know.  When I lean on the counter with my stomach though it feels like a tight knot in there.  I keep trying to tell myself it's nothing and that I'm just wasting money I don't have in the first place!  ;-<.  Problem is all of the shooting pains (that I usually get in the winter months) are back too and I feel terrible.  Sigh.  

It's just getting soooo old.  Sorry for whining and the vent my dear friend and thank you for the comment.  Sometimes I feel like no one ever see's them.  Whaaa.  LOL

HUGS ALWAYS.......Amy.

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by ireneo, Jun 16, 2009
Low oxygen levels will sure knock your socks off. It affects the whole body. Did they ever mention having a little portable tank of O2 available to use as needed? My Dad had one. He was a bit stubborn though. He could be just about unconscious (he called it being sleepy) and he refused to use the O2. That could also cause some overall weakness.

The blurry vision is a concern. Hmm.

I like that: the girly area. LOL That's like the other phrase "down there." Anyway, if a cyst breaks I hear it's pretty painful for a few days. Don't know if that would cause light-headedness as often as you're having it. Any abdominal adhesions might cause some pulling or knot like feelings in the belly. I think that's what's going on in my belly button area now. It feels tender and hard at times. But the doc really jammed the scope around in there when she removed my ovary. The bruise was impressive.

It's OK to whine. Doctors don't like to hear it but that's what friends are for.  Always good for "whine and cheese" :-)

Take it easy.  irene

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by Me967, Jun 16, 2009
Hi Irene.  As far as the O2 goes, I don't think you have to worry about it unless it's under 89.  And as for my wording, well I sort of feel funny saying stuff about that privet area.  (as I clear my throat.)  LOL

I never did have a laparoscopy done.  So there is no adhesions for me.  

Years ago I had an old Indian Dr. cure me of a massive growth with this very nasty tea (leaves floating in the water) and sitting in a very smokey type tent.  I was 19 when I had 4 doctors tell me I needed a total hysterectomy and was not having it.  She was different but at that age I really wanted children and she was a last resort.  It actually worked after a couple months and a few thousand dollars later!  My other doctor was shocked that a fast growing growth the size of a grapefruit could just disappear, yet it did.  Now I sort of wish I went with the other 4 though and maybe I wouldn't have these issues now.  Who knows though what is actually causing it now.

The bloating feeling and the pressure is definitely back though.  As for you I do think the twinges and pulling is from the scope though.  My mom has said the same thing.  She has had a total hysterectomy (due to a very large tumor) and 3 scopes done and has said the same thing in the past.  

I just went back and read an old post on "Should I have a laparoscopy done?".  There was a reply on there I wasn't aware of, and I think she is a friend of yours "ivfrogs".  I try not to miss any.  I feel bad, though it's probably a little late now to answer back.  
Anyhow on there it says my last pap was done in July.  Grrrr.  I'm wondering if I need to cancel again for another month for the insurance to pick it up.  I know they only pay for one a year though and, I have to fight them to pay for it every year.  I really don't even have the money for the stupid appointment right now without letting a bill go.  Urggg.  Maybe that's why my BP and HR goes up too.  LOL  

I'm just sooo very tired of feeling so bad and finally got the guts up to go.  Grrr.  I guess I'll have to call tomorrow.  She's going to mad if I cancel though because she already gave me pain pills with the ok that I would come in to be seen.  Urggg.  THANK YOU for having the cheese to go with all of this whining.  LOL

Gotta laugh about something I guess.  ((((GIANT HUGS))))


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by ireneo, Jun 17, 2009
Just wanted to say good morning. Wishing you luck on rescheduling the appointment. I'm sure if you explain that your insurance only covers a once-a-year exam so you need to wait till July, they'll understand. They have to deal with insurance companies all the time and know how poopy they can be.

I was trying to follow your story about the various doctors wanting to do a hysterectomy when you were young. It was the Indian doctor (as in Native American? not from India?) that helped your tumor go away? And it was a she? I didn't realize there were women doctors in that culture. Just goes to show how little I know.

Yes, lvfrogs and I do write back and forth. It's OK to miss a post. You don't have to answer every one. You'd never get away from the computer if you did that. But it is fun to "meet" people and get to know them a little.

Let me know how the appt. change goes. Make sure you get it past the actual date of your last appt. Technically the insurance could still refuse to pay if you go on the 10th for example and your last appt. was on the 21st or something.

Take care of your girly parts. LOL


390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 17, 2009
Can't really chat tonight.  Tornadoes coming threw so I have to shut the computer down.  Looks like it's still a go for Friday.  Gotta run.  HUGS......Amy.

390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 19, 2009
Went to doctors today for Pap test.  Done bld work:
HAIC,  Hepatic FX Panel,  TSH, T4, FT4,  Amylase,  Lipase, and will do Basic Metabolic panel after CT results.

Test coming up are: 6-23-09
US of complete abdomen ---remember to fast
US of thyroid

CT of abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast. ----can eat 3 hours before barium drink.

Then she wants a mammogram done and colonoscopy.  I'm still leary of the colonoscopy though since my last one in 96.  It was very painfull and I tried to swing at the doctor while on the table.  Not a good position to be in for a fight.  LOL  They just removed ~4 polyps but it hurt really really bad while on the table.

She seems to be leaning toward colon issues though.  It looks like I'm pregnant due to the bloating.  Still have blood in the urine, but was told it is not really an issue now.  Scalp being tender and body/muscle spasms, I was told to take vit D on the side along with E and to use a less drying type shampoo.  BP,HR, vision issues was told that it is probably stress related somehow.   For vision issues I need an eye appointment.

As for now I guess that's it.  If these test don't tell anything......I swear I give!  Urggg.

187666 tn?1331176945
by ireneo, Jun 19, 2009
Kind of scary doing so many liver tests. Thyroid is easy enough to fix. As for the colonoscopy, my Mom had to have one every year. One time they tried to do it without meds and her bowel went into such spasms, they couldn't get the tube through. After that, they knock her out with plenty of happy meds and can scope her easily. All she knows is she's hungry when she wakes up and wants to eat ASAP. Press them for happy meds like Versed or something. They'll get a better look if you're not trying to kickbox their heads.

I'll be sure to check back with you next week then. And curious - what happens if you're on a liquid diet? Any relief then? Not that liquid food is as much fun of course.


390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 19, 2009
Irene Hi.  
I think all of the liver test may be because of being on Lipitor for my hsCRP levels.  I actually thought it was more hormonal related than anything due to the main pains starting ~11 days after the last day of my monthly.  She seems to be pushing toward colon issues though in which is why before she ordered the CEA test before I guess.  

As for my last colon test in 96, I was given something called twilight.  It did not work at all though!  I kept telling him it hurt and I tried to literally punch him eventually.  He screamed at the nurses telling them to put her under before she ruptures herself.  I was told afterwards to come back in 6 months and then every year there after.  I told him I would as long as the probe went up his blankedy blank instead of mine.  That was ~15 years ago.  Grrrr.  My doctor told me now that it would be ok though.  I just don't know.  I can take a good butt kicking but, not like that.  Just a bit too personal for me.  LOL

As for the liquid diet....sorry I don't get it.  Anyhow, time will tell now I guess.  I teased about that *magic pill*...she said she's still looking for that herself.  LOL

Thanks again for everything;  Amy.

390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 19, 2009
Note:  I got to thinking about my last appointment and how she kept saying the C word concerning my front privet area.  Now she is bringing it up again in the rear privet area. I don't get it.  Am I high risk for cancer?  Is it because alot of my family has gone threw it?  Or is it because she just wants me to have test done.????

187666 tn?1331176945
by ireneo, Jun 23, 2009
I think they scare us into getting the colonoscopy by using the C word. Of course that's what they look for when they poke and probe. What else could be in there except poo. And they flush that out pretty well. My doctor has been trying to convince me it's time for a scope since I'm over 50. She's close to 50 and I said I'd wait for her to go first. She just laughed.

Today and tomorrow then are the easier tests, just ultrasounds. That's not too terrible. Still have to take off your clothes though and that's irritating. Any idea how long before you hear the results? Or will you have to go through all the testing and then have one appointment?

Liquid diet - what I meant was does your tummy handle non-solid foods OK if you did that for 24 hours? I've done that before when I was sick. Just drinking juice, milk, jello, that kind of stuff. Very boring of course but better than getting sick.

Getting answers is so difficult because it's not the old family doctor any more. You have to go to this one and that one for all the various body parts. That takes time and they don't always put all the pieces together. The heart doctor only thinks about your heart, doesn't know whether you have thyroid problems, asthma or ovarian cysts. The ovary doctor only thinks of one area. Ick. And so it goes. And the puzzle we call our body never seems to make sense.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hope your tests go well. Later,   irene

390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 23, 2009
Irene,  Thanks for the message/reply.  
Today was a little tough with the ultrasounds because it hurt pretty bad in the middle of my chest while she was doing it.  Unfortunately I'm still feeling the pressure and pains from it.

Tomorrow's test (touch free....Yea) I'm a little nervous about holding down the barium and the getting the iodine contrast.  Last time (with the CT of my head w/o barium due to tia's) I was Very lightheaded and sick and my heart rate was very high.  This time my husband will be there though to drive me home. My vision has been bad lately so I'm happy he will be there for me.  ;~)  

I just hope that they can find an answer to my problems.  I still think it is hormonal related somehow.  I can't really afford any of these test right now so I'm hoping they can find something easily treatable.   Will keep you informed when I find out whatever if anything.  I've had so many test over the makes me feel like I'm just insane.



389974 tn?1331018842
by swampcritter, Jun 23, 2009
Oh, Swampy hopes they find something. Just thinking about a battery of tests like that give him the heebie jeebies.

390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 23, 2009
swampy.  LOL.  Me too.  Just getting a bit frustrating.  Thank you.

599170 tn?1300977493
by Cherie762, Jun 23, 2009
just read your post,,just incase they dont tell you about the contrast,,it usually makes a strange metalic taste in the mouth and very shortly after injected most get two hot spots,,one isin the vaginal area, or just above bladder,,the other is often the throat back where the tonsils would be,,if you did not expect this it could be scary it is hot,,I had one,,You will be fine, I wish they had told me that before hand,,and drink tons of water and urinate alot after,,,gets the contrast outta your system and down to the nearest river or lake LOL...I will follow up on this and see how you are prayers for tommrow,,,try to sleep..hugs,,Cherie762

390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 24, 2009
Cherie762.  Yea I had the iodine contrast before, so I was prepared.  First time for the E-Z CAT DRY barium though.  It seems like I got less this time than last time though for the CT of my head.  Well the test is over now so it's just waiting on the results.  I'm hoping they find something that will stop the pains and bloating that is an easy fix.  ;~)  

Well I'm off to drink some more water, throat still feels funny and HR is up so for now I think I'm going to lay down.  Very tired now and I still have to cut the grass later.  ;-/  Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.  Being that I'm home I'm guessing nothing is that bad.    

HUGS  ;~)

390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 24, 2009
Just wandering if anyone on here has had a brown vaginal discharge after their CT (mine was of the abdomen and pelvis) with barium and a iodine contrast?  

690060 tn?1247845341
by NTB, Jul 11, 2009
Hiya, Amy. Just some thoughts:

"lightheaded, blurred vision, heavy arms, legs, chest and headaches..."  

Could be hypoglycemia.

"My glucose numbers have been under control (been keeping them between 80-110)"

AFAIK, the fasting glucose number is the last to go bad. A glucose tolerance test gives a much better picture. (I also  saw elsewhere that your A1C is high-ish.) Do you know anybody with a glucose test meter to borrow, and some strips they can give you? Then you could test yourself roughly 90 minutes after a meal. Better yet, if you could test while having those heavy arms etc symptoms.

Your metoprolol can mess with glucose tolerance, too. All together, you might have reactive hypoglycemia.

The good news is that you can vary your diet for day and see what happens, without any doc or lab visits.

Also, as far as wide swings in BP, I'd think the 1st cause to suspect would be something hormonal.

Anyway, good luck to you  :)

390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jul 12, 2009
HTN Hi.  How have you been?  Better I hope.  I've been feeling pretty rough lately.  Not sure why.  

As for the glucose tolerance test....I don't do well on them.  Tooo much sugar at one time!  I hate them.  She said I have diabetes due to that test.  After the 2 hour draw my glucose level is 230-240.  I used to have hypoglycemia for years, or maybe still do have it along with type ll diabetes.  My problem a lot of times is remembering to eat.  

Feeling pretty rough today so I checked it.  Before eating was 108 in which isn't really bad but BP and HR were 139/95  92 in which is a little high.  If I'm stressed it can either drop low, or go high.  No rhyme or reason.  LOL  It varies threw out the day or week between being high or low.  Sometimes it's right on.  The numbers don't bother me much; but, the symptoms do....if that makes since.  I usually check both at them together at home.  
When I check my sugar after eating I usually wait 2 hours.  My numbers are pretty good as long as I don't drink their sugar drink.  LOL

Lately I think it has been womanly issues though and possibly thyroid.  My thyroid numbers seem to be riding toward the hyper end yet I freeze very easy all the time.  So that don't make since either.  What's new.  LOL

I had a CT done that showed some womanly issues and some issue with duodenitis.  I had a follow up upper GI that was ok.  So that was good news.  As for womanly issues I have a follow up US coming up to recheck that.  I guess it's a wait and see type of thing.  I'm starting to get a little tired of the waiting for an answer to the same exact symptoms only with added ones now for years.  I guess whatever the problem is, it just needs to bloom before they figure it out.  ;~/  As for now it just makes me feel like a hypochondriac.

Best of wishes to you on everything and thank you for stopping by to say hi my friend.  (HUGS)


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