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Been away

Dec 15, 2013 - 2 comments

I can't say I am coming back long term or not, but I figured it would be nice to post an update once and a while.

I live on my own now, in my own apartment. I've been there a year so far.  It's a tiny one bedroom.  It gets quite crowded with my African violet growing and showing hobby, and my tendency to collect stuff.  I could sure use help on how to manage clutter as well as face anxiety opening my mail and dealing with stuff there.

My grandma is still alive. I visit her on occasion. I believe our relationship has improved now that I am away. She is still very independent, though she's had to relinquish some of that. She had a fall a few months ago, but didn't get hurt outside a few bruises. She has people come over and help her with some of the things she used to do. She gets meals and they can assist her with shopping. I sometimes worry about her and hope she remains okay.

My cat, Waldo, sadly is not. I lost him New Years Eve of last year. Coming on the Anniversary of his death is sad, but I realize it was his time to go. He was a fighter. F aught diabetes, hyperthyroidism, liver, and kidney issues. It was his heart murmur that got him. It got to the point he struggled to breathe. That happened on Christmas last year. He managed to hang on a little longer, until we called the vet to make a home visit. She is a kind lady. Waldo's passing was as peaceful as it can be.

I still like taking photos, though I haven't really done much writing lately.  It seems my hobbies come in cycles.  I want to get back into sculpting some time.

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by Jade59, Dec 15, 2013
MJ!  Omg, I can hardly believe what I'm seeing!  I was just today reading a very old post on the Alcoholism forum where you were gathering end of life stories for the Health Pages.  In 08 I think it was.  Wow, I've wondered how you've been doing so many times.  I'm so sorry to hear of Waldo's passing.  So sorry, honey.  Very proud of you, you are on your own now.  I am just signing off, but wanted to tell you how great it is to see you posting...and to know you're doing well.  I live in a small house also, and I'll tell you, in such a small place, it's not always easy keeping the place you're not alone.  Hugs, my girl~

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by MJIthewriter, Dec 17, 2013
I just kind of had a thought out of the blue, just to log into Medhelp and check up on a few of my old friends. I've been kind of in the mood for revisiting some of my old online communities.

It's kind of hard figuring out what to type. Some of my friends here aren't doing so well and some are. It's sad to read. Life has its struggles and ups and downs. I wish everyone well.

I forgot to mention I am an aunt. My niece is two years old. It's a challenge being far away and only seeing them in photos most of the time. Sometimes we communicate by skype and my dad and sister do visit every once and a while.

She's at that adorable age. Being an aunt means I get to enjoy the cuteness without dealing with the brattiness so much. :P

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