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Migraine 5/20-5/21

May 20, 2009 - 0 comments


Frustrating, because I thought that by the 20th I'd be out of the woods. Also, my doctor thought they were pre-menstrual, but this one came 10 days after my period. Grrrr.

It was unusual in other ways, too. First off, the auras started at 9 PM on wednesday night, and my migraines are almost always in the morning or early afternoon. I didn't have any Relpax (my new triptan (eletriptan!)) on hand, so I took 10 mg of Zomig, hoping that if I took the higher dosage it would help. It did not. At 9:45, having failed with the abortive (that's what triptans are supposed to do - stop the migraine in its tracks), I took one Fioricet (which is a combination of acetaminophen, caffeine, and a barbituate - I just got a prescription of these) and that did help with the pain somewhat. I went straight to bed and eventually fell asleep. Eddie got there about 1ish, and I took another Fioricet at 1:30, then went back to sleep.

In the morning, the pain cycle was just about over, but the migraine hangover was in full effect. I just learned that this is called postdrome, btw. I called in to work and Eddie took care of me all day, which was pretty awesome. I slept a lot, and by 11 at night we were both feeling kind of like we'd been in the house too long and I felt tired but okay, so we went for a walk. This was a huge mistake. We walked about a mile and then I started feeling pretty bad, so we turned around. By the time we got home I was not only massively headachey, but also had the oh so familiar nausea/vertigo and sat on the couch with an ice pack on my head and my eyes shut tight. After that, we went to bed.

Friday morning I still felt like hell, but went to work anyway as I had opening shift. I managed to get all of my opening duties done, partly thanks to Brian who was there early and turned all of the computers on for me, and my boss came in at 9. He pretty much told me I looked like hell and it was okay to go home, but in more words than that. He said that I could call him at home, too, if I'm not able to make an early shift. I was super grateful because not all bosses are understanding of how debilitating migraines are. I went back home and slept till 4 PM.

Not happy about taking two days off for migraine this month, but I am glad I have the option. I just really want to find something that works for me, as I feel so helpless when I get them.

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