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Hoping my Dr. Appt. will help pain & depressio

Jun 17, 2009 - 2 comments

I have been on this long journey for many years not just the last couple of years  dealing with Chronic pain & Fibromyalgia and the Depression, seizures, etc. I know alot of you have been following me on this past years journey with me to support me, care & love me.  God only knows what would of happened to me without all of you. And once again I am going through deep depression and still severe pain. Our HMO physc. Dept. was not given me very much help. Although my Physciatrist has finally listened and he is going to change my meds. He is taking me off Cymbalta and putting me on Zoloft. I have to wean of of Cymbalta and take Zoloft at the same time. So maybe it will help.
My IM going to help me. part of me wants to cry because I know that finally I have a Dr. who is going go help. This all came about because my darling Husband had gone to Dr. to get cortisone injections in both of his kness  plus he gave my hubby fentenol patch and he is in no pain. But the reason I mentioned that is because our Dr; asked how I was doing and then they had a long talk which is when our Dr. told his nurse over book I have to see her now.  He is worried about my memory or lack of at times and he does want to review my meds. and there are other things he wants to talk to me about.  

I am hoping for a positive appointment, but I am scared, really scared. I know that sounds very strange because maybe I might get some relief of the pain, depression, fibromyalgia and all of it's symptoms. Because I am not sure what to expect. My Fibro. has advanced and I have gotten worse. And I need to ask him about this.  If you could please put a prayer in for me and my husband, Mike.  I would appreciate it.

I just want some relief for both of us.
Thanks all of you for listening.


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by Heather3418, Jun 18, 2009

You have asked for prayer for you and your DH and prayer is what you will have....right now!  There is power in prayer and in the many friends that would so willingly, do it for you.  You've asked and you shall receive sweetheart.  We are all offering our soft shoulders of support for you too, precious one.

From my lips to God's ears.....

Big, big gentle hugs,
From the MS Forum

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by SharJ, Jun 18, 2009

Thank you for your prayer and support.  This has  been long difficult journey we have been on. I want and hope some of the suffering will ease of for both of us.  I have the illnesses, but is suffering too.  We are high school sweethearts and this August we will be married for 37years.

It means so much to us for the love & support.


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