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Hepatitis C

Dec 28, 2013 - 0 comments

Well adding a new condition but feeling much better about it thanks to the wonderful Hep C community. I appreciate all the immediate kind responses to my questions. I came on with anxiety to the max. Got the call the day after Christmas from the nurse at my doctors office just to say you are positive for hep C and no other explanations and didn't give me time to say anything except she would see me next month at my appointment. I of course called back immediately and requested to speak with my physician which seemed to make her even more mad. Needless to say she said well you can come in next Tuesday if you want. Of course I want. I want answers . I want to know if my condition is chronic, stable or what I need to do to survive. These are the things any normal human would want to know. I feel much better since my wonderful new friends have calmed me down about it now. They each and every one is a blessing and I pray for each one of them that took time out who didn't know me from anyone to help. People are still good in this world and do care. I care also for people and pray for even those I don't know that God will help us all in our health issues as we struggle along in the thing called life......God is good. I love him and know he is with us all and cares for us. Now I need my faith to kick in more than ever so I can overcome this and watch my one year old precious Grandson grow......

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