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A loaf of bread

Jun 19, 2009 - 0 comments

Ate a whole 1/2 loaf of raisin bread last night, with butter, and chased by a glass of red wine.  

I should know better than to buy foods that I know I can't control myself around.  No wonder I am obese!!!

Ran - walked this morning.  5 km.  With my new running buddy. We've committed to running 2 - 3 times a week.  Very pleasurable.  He is a smoker and unfit.  I have a chest infection and was coughing more than breathing (though it did sound worse than it felt - I was glad we were only running every second 400m loop).

Think candida is revving up again.  Didn't take the diflucan last sunday - and now 5 days later can feel it.... so much for my dr saying i don't have candida and don't need to take anything for it... it's just a nervous condition!!!  Sure - pardon my cynacism - but a nervous condition shouldn't cause clear inflamation and redness and discharge, and nipples that feel like they've glass coming out when baby drinks....  That gets worse when I skip the fungal meds....

A nervous condition should just have pain but no physical signs......

Don't think I want to go back to this doctor..... I don't know how to face her and tell her - you're wrong....

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