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Bloating Discomfort

Dec 30, 2013 - 1 comments







hard stomach

So ever since I was teenager I've always bloated after I ate but after I got married almost four years ago it started to get worse and I realized it wasn't normal. My symptoms have always been bloating after meals and constantly burping. The last couple of years they have worsened to my stomach constantly being bloated and hard as a rock. The burping has always been an issue. I wake up in the morning and I look normal but as the day goes on I get bloated and it gets harder. I can eat a salad while everyone else is eating pizza and I'll be the only one who looks like they just came from a buffet. It's been so bad I've had people ask me if I was pregnant! This had led to self esteem issues. I stopped eating wheat because I thought it might be a wheat sensitivity which I still think I might have because I do feel better in other areas. My husband and I have completely changed our diet all together just to feel healthier all around which has also helped but the bloating and gas and the hardness of my stomach still continues. I have a apple, banana, spinach and avocado shake every morning and I also started taking probiotics which has helped me have a bowel movement everyday but still all my symptoms continue. I don't know what else to do besides obviously going to the doctors (which I plan on doing) but I'm afraid they'll tell me nothing is wrong or put me on unnecessary medications. I'm also petite, five feet tall and weigh 112 lbs. I'm thin and look five months pregnant 24/7. It's really embarrassing.

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by Skrmisz, Aug 25, 2015
Have you found a resolution to your burping problem?

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