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Am weak and it's starting AGAIN!!

Jan 04, 2014 - 2 comments

So, I did really good at losing weight, about 80lbs all together. However.... am letting myself go AGAIN!! I've gained back about 20lbs. It's a guess, because, am to afraid to get on the scale!! How can I let this happen.... again?! Yes, again. I've worked so hard!!! From a size 18/20 to size 10/12! I just can't seem to get back on program and am beating myself up and am feeling so guilty! But, when am eating bad things hand over fist, am not thinking about how bad it is! Why can't I just enjoy eating just a little bit of junk and stop there?  Instead, I look at it as a free pass to eat what ever I want! Then, I go on a food free for all, and eat till am so stuff and I can move !! I AM A FOOD JUNKIE!!! I guess I prefer to kill myself with food! My diet does include all kinds of good food! Am not deprived of good food! I just get crazy nuts and go hog wild when am around all the wrong foods! I can't even have it in my house! I can't for the life of me figure out why am like this! Maybe, am just a pig or weak or lack self control!! What ever the case, just pray I can find my way back!!

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by Barb135, Jan 05, 2014
I think you're being too hard on yourself.  Since you've gotten off track, maybe you need to step back and take a look at "why" you got off track.  Are you bored?  Are you having emotional issues other than weight?  Are you lonely?  There are a lot of reasons for going off like you have, but 20 pounds isn't the end of the world.  You're not a pig, you don't lack self-control and you're not weak.  You wouldn't say things like that to a friend who had gone backward, so you shouldn't say them about yourself.

Some people simply can't eat junk food, because once they start, they can't stop.  It's almost like an alcoholic, who recovers, but then as soon as he takes that first drink, he's hooked again.  

Try avoiding situations where you know there will be junk food, or make sure you bring along something that you feel comfortable with.  Another thing I find helpful is to not try to change everything all at once; making small changes that I can live with are much easier than trying to change my whole lifestyle all at once.

Let's face it; junk food isn't good for us anyway, so if your weight doesn't stop you from eating it, think about other health consequences.

Another trick I've learned to say "I don't want this" vs "I can't have this", because by not "wanting" it, I'm making the choice not to eat it and because I don't "want" it, I'm not depriving myself of anything.

You'll get back on track.

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by moonpiebaby, Jan 09, 2014
Hi Barb 135! Yes, am back on track! Since Monday (1/6) I've been back to eating healthy. As of today (1/9) am down 1.4 lbs. According to the numbers I have gained a total of 18lbs, since Oct. But, am already down a little over a 1LBS. Am just going to worry about losing that remaining 17lbs. That's my goal. Am going to Vagas in April so, I want to look my best. I should have that lost and maybe a little bit more, just have to make better choices. I HAVE to remind myself, how hard it is to get back on track once I've strayed. I will surely give your tip a try. I've always have let food rule my life! Am a Food Junkie! I gained this time because, I took full advantage of the Holidays. Plan and simple. No excuses. Thank You

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