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Every Day Gets Better and Better !!!!!!

Jun 20, 2009 - 3 comments











toady is better than yesterday

Today is the first day in a long time that I am happy that I was born, that I don't feel like I have wasted my life and actually look forward to tomorrow. Life is good. Now the moral of this story is going to be for all of those out there that thinks things won't improve I am living proof that it will. Take a look back at my journal entries and see how bad I was just a little over a month ago. Don't misunderstand me, there is not a day that I go without thinking if I only had one pill just to get me off the couch, one pill to get me to do a little more or to be able to make my day a little longer so I could accomplish more. But my body doesn't ache or crave them, my head does but not the body. I'm still not out of the woods with other issues I created for myself by abusing the opiates, but each day gets a little better. I still have the liver issue buy my B 12 levels were where they were suppose to be for a change which means I'm  producing red blood cells again. I have what seems like a dozen Doctor appointments yet to go to but I at least look forward to them now because I know it's getting me closer to when I don't need them.
Now on another note, I thank goodness in a strange way that I became abusive with the opiates because without the abuse I would have never met such wonderful giving beautiful people. People who need people, sounds like a song I once heard, doesn't it to you all. It's a good thing when you can look back on mistakes you made and make something positive out of them.
This week has been so good, very tiring but very good. I still fight to get up off my butt to get things done but the great thing I learned is I don't have to be super anything anymore,not super mom, super grandma, or super wife, that if I don't get to it today it will probably still be there for me to do tomorrow. But a great thing I learned is no one expected me to be super anything, they just wanted me to be me and happy.  For some of you that know a little bit more about me and my struggles with my mom issues etc, well it's great to let you all know that I have finally after all these years put that stuff behind me. It may have taken most of my life to do it but I did do it and for that I'm so happy.
I live in the country on a little acre of land, I have this female barn cat that has found her way to my home and decided to have kittens here. I've taken her under my wings and her kittens and I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching them mature and play on my back deck. I enjoy little things again, I don't worry about my kids, I don't worry if the floor is not swept everyday, just the little things. I did enjoy sitting on my butt in the middle of my flowers pulling weeds by hand, playing with the dogs again, teasing the hubby.  I sleep at night now instead of staying up all night cleaning and cooking trying to be that super hero to my family again. Oh I get up often in the night and go potty because of my liver functions but that to will pass, "I hope" does the
I want to thank all of you so very much and with all my heart for all your support, thank you for sharing and letting me realize I'm not alone, or a bad person, that complete stranger or people that start out as strangers in your life can welcome you into their lives with open arms. For caring and sharing, for needing me and making me know that I am needed. I adore you all, and to all the first time readers of my journal my arms are open for you, my heart is open for you, and I will be there to do what ever I can to make your journey from hell and worry as easy as possible. I never thought I could or would do it but with all of your support I found out just how much and how strong I am.
Love to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love turkey legs at the fair...everyone should have one...with me....xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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by alicat007, Jun 20, 2009
You are so fricken cute with that turkey leg!!  What a wonderful letter of happiness and Thanks you put together to share with us~strangers~but us who love you for who you are and for your struggles in life that YOU over came! I knew you were the one to do it! I knew you would feel again because I could hear how much you wanted to in your words. Your such a fighter!

And the Mamma cat came to you for help , guidance and Love what a full circle of life to come your way and at the most perfect time in your recovery~~isn't God Good?!?  He can put a small Momma cat and her family and her struggles in front of you and give you a full reflection of your life without you knowing and as it unfolds you start to see it is just the Blessing you needed when you needed it. Those are the Miracles I know God gives us to show us he is there and waiting for us to grow into his wisdom.

I am glad you are enjoying just being you~no more super woman~no more " I have to do it now"~but you are a Super Turkey Leg Eater~LOL~just the mom, grandma and wife everyone knows and loves who is laid back and happy!  Isn't it great the day you get out of jail and realize that you put yourself in there and now you don't have to live there anymore and that life is beautiful and wonderful just waking up each day and living it!

I am So Proud of You and I know your family is too!
You Go Chick~a~dee!!

452063 tn?1324074916
by corey411, Jun 20, 2009
OK Jan...Did you eat the whole chicken lol ? I am sooo happy for you!!! It was not long ago that you never thought you would get your happiness back. Jan it will continue to get better and better.Your endorphins are still gonna pump up that mood and happiness. I am so happy that you are back to enjoying the simpler things in life. They are the things that matter the most when it's all said and done. My respect and support as you continue on your road to recovery. Corey

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 22, 2009
are you eating a turkey leg?!?!?!?!....hahahaha thats how i got my nick name from those right there!!!! boyfriend said i had those nice juicy turkey legs and it just stuck to me since then!!!...your probably eating my cousin!!!.......hahahahaha you are too freakin cute eating that and your beer!!!.... i wanna join you like yesterday!!!...... xoxoxo gram!

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