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capital hugs

Jan 10, 2014 - 0 comments

ohhhhh, I think I get ht play music on my laptop and do medhelp.  you don't tile it that has nothing to do with it right?  you just um.  you go to yt, then put it on and after you go in the corner and get back your other site.  is that it?  oh well idk

I am lissining to sargent peppers!!!! yay!!!!  

what do you see when you turn out the light?  OOH

I never tire of that joke.  its not even a joke.

are you sure you missed me?  ha  ha ha


I just finished eating a bag of POTATO CHIPS!  from the vending machine.   ruffles.  omg SO much oil and grease I could open a refinery  .. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   so good!!!!!!!!!

there was no candy or cookies it was all gone and it aint been restock yet

I know.  I know!  potato chips are bad for you.  they turn into sugar and the sugar turns into sadness and then I be just tire out on the couch ya???? NOPE  MY sugar turn into HAPPINESS yay!!! more sugar please!!!!

I did indeed lose weight.  but just a little.  which I just gained back!!  happily!!!!!!!!


ktown socks. and shoes!  ooh law

here's one dope thing:  me and Alexa on the 11 floor which is away from the main skule on the 6.  see its like a office bldg. but my director have space on two floor and its like  ... idk the size of say ... a suite of offices.  the 6 is like five classroom plus my director office and a kitchen and lobby and like um ... place where students play games and watch movies like a I forget what its called.  common room?  

but this the 6 it is like SO crowded and like so much traffic of students and the receptionist who I yes hate and ... the oh yeah teacher staff room which sort of socks too should I just say sox?  um

and the firss day Monday the direk show me up to my classroom it is on 11.  I am like dog no!  I aint ever been up there.  they have it all newly remodel and it all pretty and it got 4 classroom one is a lab with computers which Alexa got a giant hardon for me to use this lab with my students and sign up on her dumb sign in sheet so we won't overlap on times!  like dog No ONE used this room what you worried about/  omg

and then is like a coolio thing that we Seldom see the director (very choice) and no students but Ours which is like ten kids or twelve idk ... and we can just Chillax in our own School yay!!  a definite Perk.  cuz I am Advance and she is Toefl and the plebs is downstairs.  but I miss the plebs.  im a pleb.


so yo that's the haps on the digs

today was, I will beeee grudjingly edmit, better than yesterday which was better than tues etc see the pattern? ya

anyway I STILL HATE IT just so you know

but um.  ok check it:  Leila the Italian chick she's like 29 she is like "i am changing to Toefl class' she tell me Monday I am like, today, 'well what the hell you doing here?  get out!'  she is like 'oh I am staying I think I will get something good from your class'  OHHH gah another frickin lie compliment I mean.  yeah I know she mean it but its easier to deflect it than accept it

um.  then it is SO Quiet alls day and Persia girl aint there after she made big huge Fuss about the Review for the quiz and today I all Review totally for quiz and she absent!  stupid.  oh well.  and like she has a big mouth so she absent everyone quiet.  and its super foggy alls day and they all sleepy including Yours Trulee

I am like ok.  I walk out of classroom.  like teacher what are you doing?  I come back in and look at them.  "hello?"  anyone home?  they stare at me.  I wait like five seconds and whisper loudly "ITS SO QUIET"

they all laugh .. oohhh we're tired teacher.  so I tell them nasty stories about yt videos like baby soup in china (kids love talking about this) and um .. poppy seeds being plucked out of your arm this is a really gross but made up story.  they are like 'What?  is that real?"  I m like YES



finally they get a little bit louder.  and at the end they is bored cuz too much essay writing which I slapped up on the board and tell them 'this is what you would have to do with another teacher'   'but this is what WEER doing' ha ha

shorter.  easier.  they still bored.  I tell them that right out. 'oh man you all is bored yay?''  yes  they is

the whole time this kid Rafael I think he is 20 or 22 is folding up little pieces of paper.  he is talented artist and very very bright.  he is changing skules next week and he is SO cool too cool for US>  and yesterday they all gave speech about friendship he aint do it just drawing.  I am tire of fighting w him so I let him draw.  when it was his turn I said 'Rafi?"  he look at me like "So?"  I am like 'your turn.'  he say "i didn't do it!'  'I know.  im just trying to give you a hard time,' I said.  "so!  let's hear about that."  'what?"  he say.  'Your drawing.  talk about it!'  he did.  everyone ask about it.  it is amazing drawing.  he happy.

so today during writing he just folding up little pieces of paper.  I just ignore him.  w/e.  later we are all in little circle discussing values about friendship.  he hold out his fist to me.  "what?"  I say.  "Put out your hand.  Hold it out," he say.  I do.  He drops two little stars made of folded up pieces of paper into my hand, looking right at me..  they are like lucky charms so beautiful perfectly geometrical and flexible but kind of durable.  they lasted all the way home and I have them right here next to me.  'thank you," I said.

ok so I don't really hate them.

we had a ... ok GREAT discussion about values of like, Saudi culture, Indian culture, and American culture.  Rafi is so smart.  he is always forcing me to keep up with him, it is hard, but I do.  he told me old people are not creative and quick and flexible in their ideas like young ppl.  they think I am younger than I am so he did not mean me. I  said "not true.  what about andy Warhol?  what about Mick Jagger?'  he was like well ... yes ... but they are exceptions ... lol


anyhoo I got a little Saudi girl she's smart and cute, and I got few girls from Brazil, the Italian girl and a older Mexican guy who is a priest.  I was like "i didn't know you were a priest!'   Rafi go 'look at his clothes'  ohhh.  your right.  I said 'can I say malas palabras or do I have to watch what I say?'   this guy his name is Alejo he go "I don't understand.'

this morning have the Matrix or like Transformational ... is that the word?  transport .. gah I m tired sorry ... speshul experience on train

I always fukh up the switch train.  for the life of me I caint understand how you know which one to take to union and which one for like ktown.  huh. this morning I just had the feeling I was getting on the rong train.  but like 'well I get on this train every day so lets go for it'  

fukk.  this aint it.  I ax this nice guy next to me 'does this train go to x'  no.

get off.  well its in like ellay and Horrible so I am like freak out right away all panic and spit like OMG im going to be late ima get raped here ima die omg ima have big anxiety attack and spontaneously combust HELP

I go downstairs to more trains and there aint no one in sight like OMG this is deserted ima die!

then I see this girl OMG there is like movie music laaaaaaaaaaaaa  and she all dress in white!!  yay!  like white scrubs like EMT person medhelp she look almost exactly like Jessica Alba!!!! yes!!!!  I am like where is that cool little dancer kid with the dope fro?  he is so cute!

I guess I look sort of panic the girl go "are you looking for something?"  she is like below 30 she look a little tough but real pretty

I tell her and she say exact ht get on what train she going on same train.  so I get on it and sit acrost from her unintentionally.  I look over at her during ride and she give me this Beautiful smile she is so sweet.  and when my stop come up she look at me and nod her head like, make sure I know.  I stood up and when I went to get out, she give me the cutess and sweetest little wave!!!! omg so nice!!! you have to unnerstan on the train like Nobody wave at you.  and she was just so awesome.  she was like my guardian angel.  like.  it was such a strange feeling I got from that experience.  like she really wasn't real

I was late.  oh well.  by about ten

but ony Saudi girl there early

so just got home and work out like big joggin dvd that is so hard and I did it but mentally like this is killing me.  and did my weights.  I had rice for dinner.  I know I know it turns into sugar and such ... ill chance it

nope ain heard from ac and I am way coolio with that

nope ain heard from rr and I am not so coolio with that

I did more lesson plans we have quiz tomorry and ITS FRIDAY!!  ima try to hotfoot it home and hike cuz know what its after solstice and I think ellay sunset be about 510 if I am correk

and it ain cole here.  well, a little bit

I talk to my old t

and just watch tv ... I did not write (fic) and I watch this funi movie w my new fave chick her name cathy heigl  but I do love Ed Burns better.  omg so fine

medhelp last nite I just crash out and sleep could barely keep my eyes open!  but I mean I think I stayed up til 2 cuz I haded to THINK about so many things!  and hug my stuff aminals!  lion, dog and bear.  

I still be lonee

know what I think seanpenn is Rong!  cuz I ben making concerted effort not to dwell on lonee feelings or think about feeling lonee but it still come back!!! by itself!  I aint invite it!

I miss u rr.  hope ur are ok dolly

I love you medhelp

go to bed!

ty again for everything.  I donut know how I will ever repay you.

but heres some kisses


and some hugs


here's some capital hugs




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