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first heartbeat ever

Jan 10, 2014 - 5 comments

Today was one of the hardest and most beautiful day in my life. I went in to the clinic ready for terminate this pregnancy as 2 days before my results weren't too promising. I had a hcg test then a u/s. We were waiting for hours it was soooo busy - and I was scheduled at one of the new scan room with better equipments. The radiologyst found the sac immediatley and first it was just a glimpse, but I saw it - there she was: My Little Pea in the pod!!! Still they said nothing (they weren't too friendly...) then she measured her: 5mm and the pulsing caught my eyes - I couldn't believe it!!! It was soo fast and steady! They didn't measure it but at that point I forgot to ask anything I was in such a positive shock! I was ready for the worst, haven't eaten or drunk anything since last night in case I'll have an op and it was something wonderful and unexpected... first time ever I saw such thing. And this little life is growing inside my womb - unbelievable!!!!! my doctor was happy too but conserned as well, because my hcg levels aren't doubling  as they should. Still rising but not doubling so we have to go through the same again next Wednesday.
Thank you God for this miracle and please keep our baby alive, we've been waiting and fighting for her for 6 years!!!

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1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Jan 10, 2014
dont give up ! stay positive and strong i did not have a good start to my pregnancy either and somehow some way a miracle happend and baby started thriving :) saying a prayer for you !!

560091 tn?1437051032
by Wits777, Jan 10, 2014
As long as your numbers are going up that's what counts! And now you can relax knowing she is safe inside you growing stronger everyday!  And Wednesday will be here before you know it !

613872 tn?1513028824
by Llindar, Jan 10, 2014
I'll try to calm my nerves down - seeing a heartbeat is a HUGE step for us. I hope little Pea will be just fine next week and I can start enjoying this pregnancy - I still can't believe it, it's a miracle :)
Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate  all the support I receive from you - God bless you :)

1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Jan 10, 2014
i understand im almost 30 weeks and i still worry all the time . i try not too but this is my rainbow baby ( baby after losses) and I want her more than ever and I just want things to go right this time . It does get easier but you do still worry so happy your lil pea had a heart beat that is great !!

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by Ellen038, Jan 10, 2014
Ultrasounds are more accurate then betas at this point I was told by my RE. I am thrilled to hear such wonderful news!!! Congrats momma :)

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