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White Bumps on my upper arms?

Jun 20, 2009 - 3 comments





upper arms






white bump



Hi! I am 11 years old and I have some white bumps on my arms. This has been going on for maybe the past.. two years? And, There are alot of those tiny bumps on the back of my upper arms. When I scratch them they become brighter white and sometimes some white chalk-like stuff goes on my arm. My parent's are both nurses and they say it's no big deal but I just want to know what it is because it confuses me sometimes. People in my class say they look weird and I should go see a doctor but I've seen other people with them. What could they be? Obviously, It's nothing serious but I just want to know. Thanks =D!

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by sunshine1976, Jun 21, 2009
It sounds like you & my daughter have the same thing. Her doctor also said it was no big deal.  He said to put Hydrocordazone cream on it everyday.  This didn't help much & I didn't like the idea of her using a steroid medication everyday( she's only 7).  What does seem to help is instead of using regular soap she uses a cleanser made with oatmeal and honey & follows with a Vitamin C cream ( in the facial dept at walmart about $9.00) after her shower & then with a thick moisturizing cream like Eucerin every morning and evening.

Hope this helps.  She also gets it around her eyebrows which she was worried about, but since we started this you can hardly see them.

Good Luck

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by Cherie762, Jun 21, 2009
could be a condition called "heat rash" do you sweat much in your sleep? also you just at the age where hormones are changing, do you rinse soap off really well after showering..I agree with your parent I dont think its a big worry, tyr some hyro-cortisone topical creme,,if it gets any worse and really bothers you ask parents to take you to a dermatologist,,Warning whatever do not pick or try to pop will 100% for sure make it worse... smiles, and good luck From Cherie762

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by kas420, Sep 13, 2010
yah im 14 years old and i often have them on my upper arms just as well and sometimes on the upper part of my legs but you can hardly see them i try scrubbing them in the shower but it doesnt seem to be working i feel conserned about them most of the time just because they bother me by the way they look and i really wana know how i can get rid of them with out going to the doctors? if you can help thanks!!!

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