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Really now

Jun 20, 2009 - 0 comments






The relationships issues are just me worrying because I think ******* furbs told him. They hung out today. He would do a **** thing like that. I didn't ******* think Jeff would recognize me. What were the odds, man. I should think I am not working this weekend. ********, I am. I will see steve tomarrow and find out if alex told. It was only to protect him, he should know. It was only to protect him and let us both live, happily. I got up late, because I had the ******* wierdest dream.

I had many siblings and a doll house and lived in the south and there was a creepy man with mind reading powers stalking my sister around the world and she kept spilling the vat of green goo and thinking about where we were and I was so pissed off our house had so many windows cause I couldn't lock them all in time and I had an extremely weak punch. He kept laughing at me for it and I was feeling very sad.

I weigh 117, offiicially. I need a shower. I'm watching jackass. I ate ice cream and chips and cheese and some eggplant parm. In large quantities. I sat on my *** singing at the top of my lungs. Yeah.

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