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Were You Loved? ~ A Tribute to Dad

Jun 21, 2009 - 4 comments





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This is something I wrote for my dad last year .. and is a special memory now and always ... Happy Father's Day Dad .. I Love You!!!  


Sometimes in the self-discovery that allows for personal growth and acceptance, it is equally important recalling a moment where we know we were loved ... recalling it provides the "balance" that is needed in our lives and promotes the healing of our hearts.

With Father’s Day this Sunday, and with the passing of my Father February 6th, it is an honor to share this special memory of my dad with you. He was a wonderful and loving man whose primary mission was to care and nurture his family. He enriched the lives of those who knew him and we were very blessed to have him.

As a chubby 13 or 14-year-old, finding stylish clothes that fit was a daunting task. What should have been an exciting time to buy new school clothes became a tortured event. As each new outfit was chosen, my hopes would soar, only to be disappointed that outfit after outfit did not fit my chubby body. While it was a dreaded experience for me, hindsight tells me it could not have been much fun for my mother or my Aunt Barbara either. For every seven outfits that my sister and my cousins found that fit beautifully, I was lucky to find one that fit somewhat uncomfortably. And, of those outfits, they did not flatter and were not made of the stylish fabrics of the other girls. To this day I wonder why they don’t make the same fashions only in larger sizes …

One day, my mother and father were discussing this and the conversation ended when my mom told my dad, "then you take her". My father and I went shopping and Wowwww .. did we find a dress!!! My heart soared and I was elated when dad bought me the dress of my dreams! It was stylish, it was bright and I felt like I "fit in" with the other kids.

The dress was a medium, warm brown .. like the crayon "Burnt Sienna". There were stripes of turquoise, purple, bright green, fluorescent yellow and orange ... that went around. Can you imagine what those stripes did for a little fat girl??? Lollll Not knowing that ... I felt like a princess!

When we came home, my mother knew this and that fact, combined with the $18.00 price tag (that was a LOT of money back then), caused her to disapprove. My dad promptly brought the conversation to an end by saying very firmly .. "She wanted it, I bought it, and I don't want to hear another word about it!" WOWWWW .. from the understanding of a child .. I just knew my dad had stood up for me, bought me the prettiest dress I could remember and I was a princess!

Over the years we have laughed and shared this experience on many family occasions ... and I still feel the pride and joy I felt that day ... all these years later.

Our memories can be triggered by a smell, a touch, a similar situation or just as a fond event we wish to recall. They allow us to apply what we’ve learned and experienced to make way for personal growth. They represent “our history” and are powerful reminders of where we have been.

As you move forward with determination, commitment and self-examination towards a positive and healthy lifestyle, don’t forget your memories. They can not “define” us, but they have shaped us. Acknowledge them, rejoice in them, learn “what to do” or “not to do” from them, but always remember …

Hugggsss ... and memories ... good or bad, have made us who we are. Who you become … remains completely in YOUR hands! Use the lessons you have learned wisely and reach for the stars … it is the journey of your lifetime!

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599170 tn?1300973893
by Cherie762, Jun 21, 2009
that was absolutley beautiful, really brought me to tears, what a great memory, funny isnt it that the little things often mean the most, and Im sure you looked like a princess, because beauty and confindence comes from within and your Dad gave you heaps of it that day.

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by scottso, Jun 21, 2009
Very nice post, thank you for sharing.....has more meaning for me than you know :)

657315 tn?1319491387
by twehner5, Jun 22, 2009
Well, Princess, no wonder you shine to this day.  Your Daddy did you proud.  What a great thing he did!  That's such a sweet, sweet snippet of your life.  Thanks for sharing.

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Jun 22, 2009
Very heart warming and moving.  Thank you for sharing some of the pain and some of the joy of your childhood.   Now you are our princess!

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