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Thursday 1/16/14

Jan 16, 2014 - 0 comments





Heart Attack



So much for daily journals.

I feel awful, felt awful last night, feel awful now, will probably feel awful later on during class. But hey possible job opportunity is always a good sign right. Anxiety attack last night is the closest in symptoms to a heart attack its ever been and I was so tempted to go to the hospital but since I was there last week and nothing it's probably not going to help now.  I just need one more day then I get my event monitor, not that it matters anymore since the pvcs or pacs or whatever I have have gone or are asymptomatic now. It's just this constant fear of death at night and heart attacks and a whole bunch of nonsense that keeps running through my mind.

I have to go to class today, like it needs to happen, and its gonna be hard since it's all studios but I can't help that. But I don't think its gonna help me.


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