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Jun 21, 2009 - 1 comments

I feel like I am constantly going thorugh a vast array of emotions... I currently feeling very anxious about my upcoming surgery... so much unknown and I am concerned my dx may re borderline may change... the reoccurnace was just too soon... I am also concerned with the great variations in mecial opions re treatmetn of the disease...

aside from all that I am sad at the loss of my fertility...

somedays I do ok others I cry ... I do still manage to enjoy life... lots of emotions!

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by shewrites, Jun 23, 2009
Of course you're emotional.  How could you not be?  I think you're going to have to expect to have ups and downs for awhile.  

I have a friend (Jenni Prokopy) who started a website for young women with on-going health issues.  It's called chronicbabe (dotcom).  She includes some good articles on building a support network and learning to ask for help when you need it.  I think you probably need to do that where you live.  This forum can be helpful, too, but there's nothing like friends knocking on the door with whatever you need.  

Good luck and do keep coming here with questions and comments.  

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