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Father's day

Jun 21, 2009 - 2 comments

father's day








piggybank present





Oh **** I just remembered I forgot to give my dad his present. Haha, woops. 2 in the morning. I'll give it to him tomarrow =[ . Today I got up and thoroughly showered and dressed, plopped on the couch, ate breakfast, and waited. Ate dinner at 4:30. Ribs, they were yummy. Went to steve's. It was fun.  I ate a cookie there. Now I ate a big bowl of iced cream and a bag of popcorn. I'm starting Ambien tomarrow night, I think. You aren't allowed to take it on a full stomach. There is hope!

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943760 tn?1318604430
by Dinemarquesa, Jun 22, 2009
Hi Kris,

My Name is Dan.

I had been on Ambien 10mg it worked great for me,  I was changed over to taking 1mg Xanax and 100mg Vistaril I have been on that combo for 6 years but I think the Vistaril needs to be adjusted.

I always wake very early between 3 and 5 am I find I have to Nap from noon till when ever I wake, and then I'm in bed around 10pm to 1am.

I hope you get good results from the Ambien.   What dose are you taking?

Take care

908149 tn?1248716219
by Krisiness, Jun 22, 2009
I'm not sure. Probably the smallest dose available though, my pdoc doesn't have the greatest expectations of me -_-

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