Charlie, kitten I found last month
Charlie, kitten I found last month
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beatingthis, Sep 26, 2009
Ahhhh Charlie looks like a cat my dad brought home from work. We named him pizza ha, That was his color and what dad was doing at the culb when he found him.
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HelpinUtah, Sep 26, 2009
That's a cute name, Pizza.  When we found him we found out his name was Tiger but the people who had him could no longer afford to keep him.  Anyway, he never responded to Tiger and so one day I said, "Sorry Charlie!"  And he turned and looked and me and that was his name after that.  That was my uncle's name and so we call him Charlie Tuna (my uncle's DJ name).  LOL!!  Tom didn't want him, but gave into me and now he's mine!  Hehehehehe!!!
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aligator79, Oct 01, 2009
My sister and family found a little baby in the McDonald's parking lot and took it home-  Named her Mickey-D.
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HelpinUtah, Oct 02, 2009
Aligator:  LOL!!!  Good name!  :)
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April2, Oct 02, 2009
What a cutie! He looks so sweet!
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ginger899, Oct 02, 2009
Neat cat! He looks so bright and intelligent. I'm sure he will have a good happy time with you
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HelpinUtah, Oct 02, 2009
Actually he is the sweetest kitten and loves to play but to be honest, he's not the smartest cat I've ever had!  LOL!!!  But, he's my little boy!  :)