My 1st Grandson
My 1st Grandson
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Heather3418, Nov 07, 2009
He is absolutely handsome and squeezable.  Really, what a beautiful baby. Congratulations on your first grandson.  I was just blessed with my first GREAT Grandson on August 3rd.  My grandchildren range in age from 18 to 13.  I have five.  With all those grandchildren, I think I will probably live long enough to see another GREAT grandchild.

Don't spoil that new grandson too much.  Your first one, always holds a special place in your heart.  But that's something we grandmothers' have to keep a secret.  I would never want to hurt my other grandchildren.  But you'll see what I mean, when your second grandchild comes along.  You'll love them to pieces, but the first grandchild;'s so hard to explain.

Congratulations again, Grandma.  He's gorgeous.

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