Female Cardinal
Female Cardinal  
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ireneo, Oct 15, 2009
Isn't she pretty. On the snow too, it looks like. We don't have cardinals in our area although I read recently that some have been spotted in Washington. Maybe they'll move into Portland in the next few years.
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lu7997, Oct 16, 2009
oh  thank you so much for sharing this pic.  My grandmother died two years ago from ovarian cancer.  She loved cardinals soo much and my 4 year old thinks she is still alive in every female cardinal she sees.  I copied this picture for her and she had to call everyone (meaning my mom and dad) and tell them she had a picture of her Am Am   thank you again.  This really brightened up my day.
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Dazon50, Oct 22, 2009
I enjoy the cardinals that come around & like to put out sunflower seeds in the feeder for them.

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jimi1822, Oct 22, 2009
I Love this picture she/he looks like a baby cardinal :)
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Crochetya, Oct 29, 2009

She is definitely a female. Her color shows this. The male usually is a much brighter red. I feel like I want to put her in a sheltered place. It is so cold. LOL


I do that with the ones around my neighborhood. I noticed a pair male/female and some youngsters too. It seems they stay here year round.

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Dazon50, Oct 29, 2009

I saw the female yesterday.   It had been a while since she was around so of course the thought she died had occured to me.  I am surprised I don't see more dead "old" birds lying around...like 100's :-((((  Sad part of life.

I filled the feeder up & the squirrels ate most of it...so am waiting before I fill it up again.  Need to figure out where to move it to so it is for the birds mostly...lol!

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April2, Oct 29, 2009
I have that problem too. The squirrels eat most of the bird food. It's amazing how acrobatic they can get in order to reach it! This is such a pretty picture. I love all the different types of birds. :)