Him has a Chiari Headache
Him has a Chiari Headache
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selmaS, Oct 21, 2009
I liked ur Alf avitar, but that is too cute !
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STL5, Aug 05, 2011
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Shelltn, Mar 06, 2012
Awwwee poor widdle polar bear....waaaay too cute.... I no longer call them migraines either, Chiari headaches/brain aches or "episodes" because your entire body is malfunctioning for up to days when u suffer a really intense good bad one lol...ok, how many oxymorons were in that run away statement lol?
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The_Marine_Corp_Brat, Oct 12, 2012
Him has a Chiari headache is too precious! I love it! Hope all is well with you! Praying for you and your wife!