boy or girl???
boy or girl???
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mamaofonetrying42, Nov 12, 2009
Could the u/s tech tell by this pic?? I would say boy!
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tobbeyj, Nov 12, 2009
We did not want her to tell us - we just wanted her to show us the parts so its still a guessing game...little did I know I would be going crazy with it as she was super quick looking down there and I am not quick enough to figure it out without it being super blunt. LOL
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mamaofonetrying42, Nov 12, 2009
Well, I do see something in between the legs, and I dont see the 3lines meaning girl....But what do I know! LOL
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tobbeyj, Nov 12, 2009
Me too - I have a friend who swears its a girl - she is 110% convinced which makes me laugh. I bet you I will be bringing home my little Matthew and will be showing her what a real boy part looks like. She has two girls - perhaps she wants girlies only :)
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mommyin10, Nov 12, 2009
Hmmm, I have to vote for a little Matthew ;-)
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Linzola1, Nov 12, 2009
BOY!! Looks just like my sons ultrasound but I could be wrong! Who knows!
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Victoria01, Nov 16, 2009
Looks like a boy to me, too!
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ajduck, Nov 20, 2009
I would say boy, but it is kind of fuzzy.
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Jenny101407, Dec 04, 2009
I say boy unless that's one big girly
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Sunkissed19, Dec 21, 2009
i deffinitly say looks just like my Matthew's does! lol i am willing to bet money that your having a Matthew just like me!