8.7 lbs Chase is a big boy
8.7 lbs Chase is a big boy
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Cherie762, Nov 17, 2009
Isnt he beautiful he looks just like his dad did at birth..Robbie is so excited to be comming home the 27th...I will likely cry when I see my son hold his son for the first time,,,,,my grandson sleeps 4 jrs straight at night,,Holly is a lucky girl
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margypops, Nov 17, 2009
Hes a bruiser alright ..dear boy .
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star641, Nov 17, 2009
cherie i haven't been on in some weeks Ive just come back last night and oh! my god!! cherie he is beautiful ,..kevin was the  very same weight 8.7lbs ,
so hes a good baby she is lucky ,......
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TrudieC, Nov 17, 2009
Congratulations Gramma!  So glad to see he is so well and that Holly is a natural in her new role.
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jeh57, Nov 17, 2009
He is a keeper...for sure!
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rebel5, Nov 17, 2009
Oh he is so beautiful .....
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April2, Nov 17, 2009
Wow, I thought I had big babies! I had all 8 pound babies myself! He really is a big boy. Amazing from a girl so small!
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redheadaussie, Nov 18, 2009
Oh he is adorable!
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jollyman069, Nov 18, 2009
beautiful baby boy cheri....congrats
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dominosarah, Nov 18, 2009
What a precious little gift.........sara