All 4 of my boys napping on the couch
All 4 of my boys napping on the couch
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Mommy2Reilly, May 01, 2008
OMG! How sweet...
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pinkbelle, May 01, 2008
that is so adorable
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mamaofonetrying42, May 01, 2008
LOL that is too cute!!!
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romme80, May 02, 2008
This is too sweet!
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babyscience, May 18, 2008
Oh my gosh how cute...why didnt you pile on I think there is still some space on his calf!  Hehe!
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ma2isiah, May 18, 2008
That is one of the cutest pics I have ever seen :)
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Sarah353, Jul 25, 2008
lol love this picture.  What a good dad.
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PrivateNShy, Jul 30, 2009
Oh man! This was the BEST!!! Even the dog is there...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it!