Thanksgiving 2009
Thanksgiving 2009
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TrudieC, Nov 29, 2009
What a beautiful family!  The strawberry blond hair on your girls is gorgeous!
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elaine1961, Nov 29, 2009
Great Picture, and look at you, your amazing
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twehner5, Nov 29, 2009
Thank you BOTH, so much.  This was a sentimental picture for me...  We are trying to sell this house, my husband is already living and working in another state.  My son goes to college out of town, so this was probably out last time together in this house as a family.  I LOVE THIS HOUSE!  I am a little 'jealous' of the person/people who buy this charming, 90-year-old house.  lol    It's in a COOL "It's a Wonderful Life" kind of town.
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margypops, Nov 29, 2009
Great Pic Twe, ..moving is tough we are planning a move but I am not looking forward to it, the hard work of buying and selling and they tell me here there are bidding wars going on .....
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twehner5, Nov 29, 2009
Thanks, and good luck to you, Margy.  We are praying for the right buyer to come along.  Some houses are taking as long as a year [some, longer!] to sell as this is a manufacturing town.  Our unemployment is in the double-digits.  YIKES...
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NiCeeGlover, Jun 19, 2010
I am surfing because I can't sleep. Just had to comment :    Beautiful family!
It's bee a year since my 5 are on their own.  
Bless you!